A Day When Every Americans Remember The Great Revolutionaries

Independence Day: A Day When Every Americans Remember The Great Revolutionaries

Every year 4th July is celebrated as the Independence Day in America. On this day, citizens of the oldest democracy of the world remember the revolutionaries who devoted their lives to free the colonies from the autocratic British rulers. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies demanded their freedom from the Great Britain through a motion in the famous ‘Independ ......Read More

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International Youth Day : Raise Your Voice | EssayCorp

International Youth Day : Raise Your Voice

12 August of every year, world celebrates International Youth Day. More than 3 billion people in the world are under the age of 25 and people under the age of 29 make half of global migrants. Due to which women and girls are more unshielded to human rights violations, which includes exploitation, sexual harassment and domestic violence. It is not only ......Read More

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The Election of The Year | EssayCorp - Assignment Help

The Election Of The Year

This year has been a year of big things, and a lot of them. We have a few big celebrities die, some big albums, a new iPhone, BREXIT, a bursting to flames Samsung note, and a cure to blindness. These things have kept us on our feet. When things could not get any bigger, we had the biggest and most controversial US election, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. It could n ......Read More

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A Day For Appreciation - Thanksgiving Day | EssayCorp

A Day For Appreciation – Thanksgiving Day

Being grateful for what you have now, have received during the year and for the land you live on. If the history of this day was to be described, it would be very controversial. There are many factors leading to this holiday. There is the story many people consider as the first thanksgiving feast. This feast was celebrated by the pilgrims and Wampanoag, hundreds of years ago, when the pilgrims ......Read More

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