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International Day of the Sign Languages 2018

The chief objective of International Day of Sign Languages is to enhance the cognizance and awareness of the sign languages among each individual. The stress is laid down on the relevant aspects such as initial access to the learning of sign language it also comprises the quality education. All these factors are quite significant for the advancement, development, and growth of deaf individual.

Why 23 September has been Chosen to Commemorate this Special Event?

The date 23 September commemorates the formation of World Federation of the Deaf in the year 1951. This also has as one of the chief goals, the keeping, and salvation of the sign languages and deaf culture as stipulations to the attainment of the human rights of people who are deaf. Auslan is considered to be the sign language of Australia which was acknowledged by the Federal Government in the form of a community language of Australia in the year 1991.

International Day of the Sign Languages 2018

The first International Day of Sign Languages is going to be celebrated on 23 September 2018 as the component and part of the International Week for the Deaf which is a worldwide initiative initiated by the WFD. This particular day will surely raise alertness and awareness regarding the signed languages and upgrade the quality of life for the Deaf communities. On the other hand, it is going to be an immensely great occasion and opportunity for the government, associations and communities around the world to stand together and discuss the related history, culture, hindrances, and modern challenges coating signed languages.

Objectives and Aim Related to the International Day of Sign Language

The aim of the commemoration of International Day of Sign Language is to reach out as many people as possible along with influencing the government officials to participate actively in order to comprehend their legal obligations. There is no doubt that the access to sign language and deaf culture tends to reinforce multilingualism. These factors are the way of promoting, encouraging and safeguarding the discrepancy of the languages and backgrounds worldwide.

  • Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) – This event reflects the creeds and morals of CRPD (Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities) in the utter acknowledgment of the sign languages as same as to the other spoken languages.
  • The sign languages are just structurally contrasting from spoken languages, this is the only distinction and after that sign languages are thoroughly natural language.
  • One of the chief objectives of this theme and event is to spotlight and advance the sign language as the fundamental prerequisite to the overall realization of the human rights for deaf people worldwide.

Activities related to the International Day of Sign Languages

There are a lot of activities that can enhance the awareness along with such interesting tasks. State organizations and other related associations and community organizations can give rise to the appealing activities by inviting hefty mass that can engage in such activities. The whole week has a lot in store that can add up learning as well as encouraging face to the deaf people worldwide. Seminars and workshops organized by schools and other institution also play a vital role in engaging and encouraging the people to learn sign language. Various fundraising activities also takes place in many places to raise the awareness and help the communities to do better in this field.

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