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Ques :
What are the sources of Information for Machinery Safety Standards? How they are applied to a sample machine?
Ans :

The sources are:
(a) American National Standards institute (ANSI)
(b) International Organization of standardization (ISO)
(c) International Electrotechnical commission (IEC)
(d) British Standard Institution
(e) Global Engineering Documents

These are applied during the initial phases of designing and assembly. All the parts and their functions shall comply with the standards so that they can be get a CE rating.

Ques :
What is project management and what are the software used?
Ans :

Project management is the procedure and action of preparing, organizing, inspiring, and monitoring resources, processes and protocols to accomplish specific targets in technical or daily issues. A project itself can be defined as a provisional endeavour created to yield a distinctive product, service or outcome with a distinct beginning and culmination (generally time-controlled, and usually restricted by finance or deliverables) started to match up to unique objectives and targets, normally to bring about helpful change or additional value. Softwares that can be used are MS- Project, SmartSheet, MS-Excel to name a few.

Ques :
What difference do you notice between the two mechanical seals shown below.
pathophysiological process
pathophysiological process digram
Ans :

The first is the balanced mechanical seal while the second is the unbalanced mechanical seal. The balanced types have the ability to sustain higher pressures across the faces and they generate less heat thus they are suitable for handling liquids that have low lubricating capacity. The Unbalanced type is however used under drastic conditions where there are vibrations, misalignment of the shaft, and the problem of the cavitation of the fluid.

Ques :
Explain the pathophysiological process of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system.
Ans :

The sympathetic nervous system triggers the "fight or flight response" by operating through a series of interconnected neurons. The preganglionic neurons arise from the thoracic and lumbar segments of the spinal cord (T1 to L2) forming synapses with postganglionic neurons within the ganglion chains that are positioned parallel to either sides of the spinal cord.

Ques :
Example of an external factor impacting an Organisation
Ans :

significant external factor which can impact an organisation is the pricing strategy of a competitor of an organisation. If the competitor prices their goods or services too aggressively and keeps on reducing the prices for the same product, then the customers shall prefer to purchase from the competitor and this shall be detrimental to the organisation as it shall reduce its profits and turnover, thus, highlighting how competitors and customers influence an organisation.

Ques :
What will be the network topology diagram required for a wireless LAN mobility operation in a large network comprising multiple subnets and wireless LAN controllers.
Ans :
Ques :
Provide me the overview of the Eco-Audit Tool in CES.
Ans :

Eco audit has two menus, Product definition & Report. These two menus will shows the detail results of the eco audit. Under the product definition we have 4 sub menus.

  1. 1.Material, Manufacture and end of life
  2. 2.Transport
  3. 3.Use
  4. 4.Report

Ques :
Janeen is a shareholder in the company and owns 3.2% of the shares issued. She has complained previously that the directors had refused to pay dividends and had rewarded themselves with outlandish
Ans :

Janeeen can be advised with remedies under the Corporation Act 2001 about the oppressed minority shareholders. The directors would require exercising the power and manage the firm in interest of each shareholder (Keith, 2011). As per this remedy the maximum shareholders might expect the company's affairs to be conducted in such manner which would be most beneficial.

Ques :
I want the survey topic related to pharmacology, pathology, toxicology and please help me with some of the topics.
Ans :


To investigate essential trace element concentration in maternal and neonatal blood and human breast milk.
A survey of importance of taking medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding


Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Resources
A Comparison of Toxicology in Emergency Medicine Residents


Analyzing the risk factors of breast cancer among women.
Cancer Care Delivery and Women's Health
TDP-43 and pathological subtype of Alzheimer's disease impact clinical features

Ques :
Calculate the pressure drop required to give a flow rate of water of 50 kg/s through a 500m length of 0.3m I.D. pipe of relative roughness 1.810-4.The density and viscosity of water at 300K are 100
Ans :

Internal Diameter of pipe = 0.3m,
Length of pipe = 500m,
Relative roughness of the pipe = 1.8*10-4, = 0.00018.
Pipe Friction Factor,F=(Re, k/d),
For Laminar Flow
For turbulent flow we need to use moody chart.
From Moody chart F= 0.015
Flow rate = 50kg/s, 0.05m3/s

Pipe area = ? D^2/4
3.14*0.3*0.3/4 = 0.07m2

Flow Velocity =Flow rate /Area, 0.05/0.07 = 0.714m/s

Viscosity at 300k = 8.6*10-4 Pa.S

Re = 0.714 *0.3/8.6*10-7, = 0.249*106
k/D = 0.002/0.2 = 0.01
From moody chart f= 0.015
Pressure loss in pipe of 500 m length = f*L/D*0.5?V*V
= 0.015*1666*0.5*1000*0.714*0.714
= 6369Pa

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