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Accounting is a comprehensive and procedural recording of financial activity of a company, organisation or any other entity for a certain financial year. It presents the business with a summarised record of financial transactions that helps the business in decision making. This particular subject is very vast, there are numerous different accounting format and formulas; this subject requires impeccable calculation and presence of mind, given the mathematical attributes of the subject. A small mistake could result in the mismatch of the balance sheet.

The assignments weigh a lot in the assessment of any subject – to the extent of 60% in some colleges. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that a student presents a well-researched and proficiently written accounting assignment. Sometimes it is not possible for the student to be so adept that is where we come in with accounting assignment help. We are an online assignment help service provider in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

accounting assignment help

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Problem students face with accounting assignment and help from EssayCorp

This particular subject can sometimes be very boring, as it doesn’t involve the fascinating topics that some other subjects contain. Accounting is basically a subject that’s involved in number crunching. This attributes to the student procrastinating the assignments on this subject. There are some topics like advanced financial accounting and reporting 2, cost accounting and cost management, applied auditing, managerial accounting 2, and financial accounting and reporting 2; these are the subjects that most students face problems with and students often complain, how much ever they try, they cannot get the balance sheet to match. And given the importance of the assignment in the student's final grade, he or she should seek professional accounting assignment help. The subject cost accounting can also be tough when a student comes to the topic ratio analysis and implementation. It is one of the toughest topics in accounting. Therefore, to provide some relief to the students we provide accounting assignment help.

Advantages of Accounting

Accounting is responsible for monetary transactions and management decisions of an organisation. Find out its advantages in detail by our accounting assignment help experts.

  • Presents the financial position - It helps the businessmen to prepare a balance sheet at the end of each year, which help them to recognise the financial position of an organisation. It highlights the value of assets and liabilities of the business.
  • Tells profit and loss - Accounting evaluates the profit and loss which helps the management to analyse the net profit earned and loss incurred during the year.
  • Comparative study - Accounting helps the businessmen to keep a systematic record which further helps them to compare the results of the current year with the results of previous years.
  • Law and income tax – Accounting helps a business to pay off the appropriate tax it owes to the government with the help of the recorded book of accounts. It also acts as an evidence in the court of law.
Advantages of Accounting
Types Of Accounting And Our Accounting Assignment Help

Accounting is a broad spectrum, vast and dynamic too. Over a period of time, accountancy has branched out into varied types in order to cater the diversified need of users. These are the major branches of accounting covered by our accounting assignment help experts.

  1. Financial Accounting - Financial accounting is the original form of accounting, which defines the financial statements. The aim of financial accounting is to recognise the financial position of the business.
  2. Managerial Accounting - It deals with capital management, inventory control, cost accounting, and budgetary control. The purpose of management accounting is to gather the information that helps the management to take decisions for running an enterprise.
  3. Tax Accounting - It deals with tax matters, therefore known as taxation accounting. Here, all the information is handled by tax professionals for tax planning and estimating tax liability. In our accounting assignment help service, we provide assistance with all accounting assignments, whichever the topic.
  4. Social Responsibility Accounting - Social accounting refers to the process of dealing with corporate social responsibility and sustainability. It also concludes all the chapters of accounting that are associated with environmental reports.
  5. Cost Accounting - This accounting deals with the cost of products and services. The main purpose of this accounting is to discover the cost of products and services in different departments.
  6. Governmental Accounting - This type of accounting is the information used in the public sector. It is also termed as Public Accounting or Federal Accounting. This subject is mainly studied in the US, our adept writers provide help with this subject under our service accounting assignment help.
  7. Forensic Accounting - Forensic accounting primarily gives the information of auditing and investigating the cases of disputes.
  8. Project Accounting - Project accounting deals with the accounting system to track the financial progress of ongoing projects.

Disadvantages Of Accounting

Some of the disadvantages of accounting are:

  1. Fails to bring the whole picture - Financial accounting deals with the quantitative aspects rather than the qualitative aspects. It deals only with the activities of monetary values, the non-monetary activities like the quality of goods and labour relations get ignored.
  2. Fails to indicate realisable value - Accounting helps to maintain the balance sheet, but it does not show the amount of cash that the firm realises from the sale of assets.
  3. Accounting based on historical costs - Accounts get prepared on the basis of historical costs. The financial statement fails to show the effects of changes in the price level, as a result, many assets remain undervalued. Hence, the value of assets does not contribute in estimating the financial position of the business.
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We at EssayCorp understand how strenuous it becomes for you to invest all your time and energy in an assignment and still not get the desired grades. Accounts as a subject can be quite tough for the students. To ease the pressure on their heads, we come to the rescue. Among many others like essay writing help, assignment writing help, homework writing help, dissertation/thesis writing help, and case studies. Accounting assignments help is also one of our specialties. All you have to do is to leave your work for us, sit back and relax for the assignment to be delivered to you.

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