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Taxation Assignment Help in Australia, USA & UK 

Everybody has some sort of idea on the concept of taxation. It is the process through which people pay taxes to the government. The income of any government depends mainly on this system, as a result, a number of rules and regulations prevail, which domiciles of a country must follow strictly. There are various courses on taxation conducted by colleges, universities, and institutes all over the world. At the end of these courses, students either go for higher education or pursue a career as tax consultants. These students also get opportunities to work as employees in the finance and accounts departments in various companies. Working as tax professionals is always very exciting as well as challenging for the professionals in that field. But, as a student, one needs to be very focused and studious individual. Taxation assignment given to write on various topics of taxation are the toughest part of the courses. This is when students frequently seek taxation assignment help from professionals writers associated.

Understanding various types of taxation and multiples of laws related to the subject is not so easy. Taxation is a matter of thorough calculations and understanding the rules and regulations intensively. Most of the assignments given on taxation are designed to judge the students’ hold on the subject and their readiness to face real-world problems.


Classification of Taxes


Direct Tax

Types of taxes vary from country to country. In most of the countries like USA, Canada, and India, there are Federal taxes imposed by the federal government and local taxes imposed by the state or local government. There are taxes like Income Tax, Property tax, Sales tax, Gift Tax, Tobacco tax, and so on. Types and rules change from one country to another, but basic taxes like Income tax, Sales tax or Property Tax are imposed in almost all countries, only the rate and system change.

Direct Tax - Classification of Taxes Covered in Taxation Assignment Help
Indirect Tax - Classification of Taxes Covered in Taxation Assignment Help
Indirect Tax

The meaning of indirect tax is quite revealing from the name itself. It is the tax levied by a government on its citizens indirectly in the form of goods and service tax and many other such taxes. The sales tax is charged in different countries by different names. Some of the other famous indirect taxes include service tax and excise duty. Unlike a direct tax, the burden of paying an indirect tax can be passed on to someone else. For more information on the calculations and other details about indirect tax, take the assistance of EssayCorp with taxation assignment help, homework help or any other assignment writing services.

Different Taxes Imposed and Studied in Different Countries
  1. Federal Income Tax - It is a tax imposed on the annual income by the national government. It constitutes a major part of the revenue of the government.
  2. State or Local Income Tax – This tax is imposed by state or local government on annual income. Though, not all governments have implemented state-level income taxes.
  3. Payroll Tax - It is a tax that is paid by the employer on behalf of its employees on the basis of the salary of the employee. In countries like the United States, both state and federal authorities collect some form of the payroll tax. In the United States, Medicare and Social Security, also called FICA, make up the payroll tax.
  4. Unemployment Tax - A federal tax that is allocated to state unemployment agencies to fund unemployment assistance for laid-off workers.
  5. Sales Tax - Sales taxes are the taxes that are imposed by the government on the goods purchased and are collected by the retailer and are then passed to the state. Sales tax is based on a percentage of the selling price of the goods and services and is set by the state. Technically, consumers pay sales taxes, but effectively, the business pays them since the tax increases consumer costs and causes them to buy less.
  6. Value-added Tax - A national sales tax collected at each stage of production or consumption of a good. Depending on the political climate, the taxing authority often exempts certain necessary living items, such as food and medicine from the tax.
  7. Corporate Tax - The corporate taxes in Australia are imposed at a 30% flat rate. Employees, as well as companies, need to pay tax to the federal government in Australia for profits earned. Prior to the distribution of profits (as dividends) amongst the shareholders, the corporate tax is paid to the government. The franking credit is the tax credit in Australia, is made available to the shareholders so that they can see the corporate tax, which has already been paid. The above- mentioned procedure is known as dividend imputation.
  8. Inheritance Tax - Among all the other taxes that are imposed in Australia, Inheritance Tax is also included. They don't have inheritance tax in general, but in the events when there are estate acquired assets, the assets are subjected to the Capital Gains Tax or the CGT. The Australian government envisages that, if individual inherited assets from a deceased person who breathed his last after September 20th, 1985, special records are required to be maintained. If the asset acquired was prior to 20th September 1985, the asset value at the time of death is too evaluated.
  9. Income Tax - Different types of taxes in Australia also include income tax. Income taxes form the main sources of revenue for funding the different activities of the government, especially the federal government. Income tax is levied on individuals who fall under the taxable group of people. The idea of income tax took birth in Tasmania in 1880. During that period tax was imposed to collect money from the people of Tasmania, as the government in Australia was not in a good state. Thereafter, income tax was levied on the income of the people residing in the Southern regions of Australia. By 1907, income tax was levied on the income of almost all individuals residing in all the states of Australia. Low Income Tax Offset, Family tax benefit as well as capital gains tax are the different categories of income tax levied on the income of individuals along with personal income taxes.
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Taxation Assignment Writing Help

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Topics we cover in
Taxation Assignment
  • Basic Income Taxation Concepts
  • Capital Gains and Capital Losses
  • Federal income taxation
  • Tax Practice and procedure
  • Introduction to corporate Taxation
  • Taxation of intellectual Property
  • Tax and Technology
  • Tax Accounting and financial Statement
  • Criminal Tax
  • Tax law Research
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