HA 2032-Corporate and Financial Accounting Assignments

HA 2032-Corporate and Financial Accounting Assignments

Corporate and Financial Accounting is the field in which one manages a company's financial accounts, ensuring that the available resources are utilized up to their maximum capacity so that the firm earns as much profit as possible.

   From the begging of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, the corporate sector is become more and more prominent in Western countries like USA, Australia, and UK, among others. With this, the accounting field is also becoming increasingly important as the two are deeply intertwined and interconnected.

    In corporate and financial accounting, we manage the assets, financial resources, cash flow, capital, etc., for one or more than one corporations. The field is responsible for the optimum and maximum utilization of limited resources. Therefore, corporate and financial accounting demands practical resource management skills.

   Besides that, one has to stay updated with the market dynamics as the whole corporate world depends on the market's working and growth. Market stability is of foremost importance for the smooth functioning of corporates. Therefore, staying connected with and changing your strategies per market demands becomes necessary.

Corporate and Financial Accounting Academics

Corporate and financial accounting is highly dynamic and intertwined with market scenarios. The accountant must adapt to any market change so that the firm's working is always demand-oriented.

The subject's academics taught about the corporate sector's fundamental concepts, the working of accounting principles, and their practical applicability. The topics covered here are numerous, ranging from Basic accounting to Management. Some of the prominent issues covered by the academics of corporate accounting are:

  • Basics of Accounting

  • Accounting standards

  • Issue of debentures

  • Shares and debentures

  • Issue/ forfeiture of shares

  • Redemption of preference shares

  • Redemption of debentures

  • Company amalgamations

  • Valuation of goodwill

Universities for Corporate and Financial Accounting

The studies of corporate accounting are taught in various universities around the world. Some of them are more prominent and famous than others. World's top ten higher education institutions that offer corporate and financial accounting, according to QS Ranking, are:

  • Harvard University; USA

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology; USA

  • Stanford University; USA

  • the University of Oxford; UK

  • Chicago University; USA

  • the University of Cambridge; UK

  • London School of Economics and Political Science; UK

  • University of Pennsylvania; USA

  • New York University; USA

Besides the institutes mentioned above, other institutes like Columbia University, Yale University, University of TorontoCornell University, Princeton University, etc., also offer degree and diploma courses in Corporate and Financial Accounting.

 Future Opportunities in Corporate Accounting

The corporate accounting field is vast and diversified, where one can choose their way forward per the requirements, skills, and qualifications. The sector offers job security, substantial financial backing, and the best possible opportunities. Some of the profiles you can choose for yourself are:

  • Auditing: Auditors are responsible for conducting a company's financial evaluation and ensuring that the presented data is credible and reliable. They evaluate the balance sheets, position of assets, cash flow statements, availability of financial resources, and incomes. Then they conclude the financial status of the company. Auditing is among the most demanding job profiles and is highly respectable and rewarding.

  • Budget Analyst: Overseeing the budget is the central role of business analysts. It helps the management to adjust their future expenditures based on potential income. Budget analysts point out the areas of unnecessary spending and enhance saving for more profit.

  • Tax Accountant: Every business entity needs a tax accountant to file taxes promptly. They ensure that all the required information is duly provided and accurate. They also obtain the tax refund due from the government. The job is a steady flow of work and is an incredible way for accountants to start working as freelancers.

  • CA & CS: Accounting also opens the doors for more elevated professional services such as Chartered Accountants (CA) and Company Secretary (CS). The CA is a highly reputed profile and one of the most technical professions. The CS profile is somewhat similar to a 'conscience seeker.' They ensure the company's compliance with legal mandates. Corporate Accounting provides the foundational knowledge and know-how for studying CA & CS.

  • Forensic Accounting: Forensic accounting involves forbearing criminal and civil illegal activities of financial matters, funds, and investments. It helps to detect funds embezzlement, financial fraud, and theft of financial resources. Accountants use accounting and auditing skills and investigative skills to determine the flow of finances.

Corporate and Financial Accounting Assignments

The Assignment writing comprises around 30%-40% of the total marks in academics. Therefore, one cannot neglect these assignments and projects. Without them, no one can even think of having a degree from any of the reputed institutions. 

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Problems Students Face in Assignment Writing

Corporate and financial accounting students face many challenges while writing their accounting thesis, assignments, homework, and projects. Some of these challenges are:

  • Inadequate Resources: All students do not have the resources to write down a properly well-articulated assignment. Thus, it becomes hectic for such students to gather the required information promptly.

  • Deficiency of Skills: The accounting assignments demand solid mathematical skills and a deep understanding of the core concepts and theories. Many students, especially newbies, lack such skills. 

  • Ability to Understand and Comprehend: Students of accounting, primarily beginners, need more time to develop capabilities to understand the requirements of accounting projects and how to represent them comprehensively. Therefore, they need assignment writing help.

  • Limited Time: The assignments of accounting come with a strict deadline. Therefore, it becomes difficult to have a perfect assignment crafted before the deadline. The students also have to lose their social and sports activity time while working on these tasks.

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