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Plagiarism- An Overview


Plagiarism is stealing the words, ideas, and concepts from someone else's work in verbatim without crediting the source. Plagiarism is viewed as an academic dishonesty and a breach of the journalistic code. Plagiarized content is susceptible to punishments like suspension, penalty, and expulsion. Plagiarism is not a crime in itself but it can lead to the infringement of copyright, which is a serious offense and punishable by law; it could cost the plagiariser between $200 to $ 150,000. Not only the content but using an image or video in any work without using proper citation also counts as plagiarism. The idea and the rules regarding plagiarism are still very complicated and unclear. Some of the practices that are considered plagiarism are - providing a false source of the quotation, the omission of quotation mark where the quotation mark needs to be present, submitting someone else's work or taking the credit for it, and copying a lot of words or ideas to the point that it constitutes the whole work etc. Submitting your own previous work without mentioning the citation is also considered as plagiarism. There are many tools available online to check plagiarism but these softwares are not impossible to breach.

Plagiarism- An Overview
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Consequences of Plagiarism


  • rewriting
  • fail grade
    Fail Grade
  • academic probation
    Academic Probation
  • forfeit degree
    Forfeit Degree
  • expulsion
Common mistakes that students make while writing their assignments

Students commit unwanted and unintentional mistakes by directly copying or stealing words from various sources. These mistakes can lead to adverse effects on the student's life.

Copy-Online-Resources Copy Online Resources
Inaccurate-Referencing Inaccurate Referencing
False-Incitation False Incitation
Paraphrasing Paraphrasing
  • Connecting with different sources of information without altering the essay structure.
  • Using chunks of quotation without citing the author.
  • Utmost dependence on the samples restricts the originality and creativity in the content.
  • A slight rephrasing of the sentences leads to plagiarized content.
  • The combination of cited and un-cited sections of an article.
  • Imprecise citation of the source is the greatest blunder enacted by the students.
  • Insufficient citation missing out the important parts.
Plagiarism Free Assignment


    Comprehensive Research Work
    Researching more and more will help in coming up with new ideas and enhance the knowledge.
    Alter Writing Style
    Changing the writing style and pattern of the existing source can help in avoiding plagiarism.
    Use Citation
    Using proper citation will help you in writing the essays without worrying about the plagiarism.
    Relevant Synonyms
    Use synonyms to avoid plagiarism, as it can completely modify the presentation and the theme of the essay.