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Chemistry is a discipline that relates to the study of matters. In this subject, students learn about matter's properties and how changes occur in them in different environments. Hence, scholars gain knowledge of the natural phenomenon by testing, observing, and creating models to elaborate our observations. Educators assign writing tasks to check the skills of learners. Therefore, chemistry learners must have proficiency in theoretical and practical work. But, the workload creates stress on students. Hence, EssayCorp delivers the best Chemistry Assignment Help to support scholars with their academic assessments.

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History and Basic Principles of Chemistry

Let's talk about its history first, the word "chemistry" comes from the word alchemy. In ancient times, "an alchemist was one who practiced the art of alchemy". Later on, the alchemist was called a chemist. Chemistry deals with atomic and subatomic interactions and the processes involved in the creation of compounds. Chemistry is taught as a sub-domain of science at the school level as well as at the graduate level. Talking about the fundamentals of chemistry, it is the study of only matter and change, but still, it has main categories like organic, inorganic, analytical, physical, and biochemistry. However, several concentrations have begun to emerge which generally includes polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, nuclear chemistry, etc. EssayCorp brings to the students the best possible chemistry homework help.

Basic Principles of Chemistry
  • Atom - An atom is made up of a dense core called the nucleus. It is made up of positively charged ions and uncharged ions, where positively charged ions are protons and uncharged ions are neutrons. An atom is surrounded by electrons (negatively charged).
  • Matter - Anything with mass and volume is considered a matter.
  • Mixture - The combination of two or more substances is called a mixture. For example Air.
  • Molecule - It is the smallest indivisible portion of the chemical substance, having an ability to undergo a chemical change.
Chemistry Principle
Basic Processes of Chemistry
Basic Processes of Chemistry
  • Chemical Reaction - When a chemical substance interacts with another chemical substance and it transforms the substance, then a chemical reaction is said to have taken place.
  • Chemical Equilibrium - When the products and the reactants are present in concentrated form during a chemical reaction, that stage is known as the chemical equilibrium.
  • Chemical Bond - When atoms stick together in molecules and crystals they form a chemical bond. The two extreme cases of chemical bonds are covalent bonds and ionic bonds.
  • Energy - The chemical structure changes during a chemical reaction because of the increase or decrease in energy.
  • Acid-Base Reaction - A reaction between an acid and a base is known as an acid-base reaction. Acid has the ability to transform blue litmus paper into red, whereas the base has the ability to transform red litmus paper into the blue.

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