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Editing is the intent to change the text for making it better, whereas proofreading is the last step of editing, it is one of the paramount steps of the editing process. It is very important to proofread any written document as it enhances the work quality, you're able to find mistakes and work on the content quality. It is suggested to edit the document after a few hours of writing so that you can start fresh on the topic. Proofreading is a process to examine the document carefully and correct the possible typing, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and even formatting mistakes. In the writing world, it is always suggested to submit the document after proofreading. While editing you need to check the flow and coherence in writing, one can do this themselves or can take professional help. One needs to focus on punctuation, grammar, word processing, error syntax, and correcting major/minor errors in the spelling. Therefore, it is the final step in completing the assignment, whereas editing allows us to rewrite the document and have a deeper look at the ideas. It helps us in making the document more organized and formulate arguments with clarity. Submitting an assignment without editing and proofreading it might fail you. An assignment not written relatively, copied as it is or if it has some spelling or grammatical errors, lays a bad impression on your tutor fetching poor grades. Avail professional help in Editing and Proofreading your assignments to get good grades, it gives you the confidence to perform better in the next assignment you get from your professor.

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Editing & Proofreading
Proofreading and Editing are two separate aspects of writing a document. If your work is not properly edited or proofread, then the meaning you are trying to convey may be lost entirely.
Editing begins as soon as you finish your first draft. It can be done on several levels.
step one
It is a linguistic and stylistic revision of the text.
step two
Editing is an extremely involved process.
step three
Editing is much more time-consuming.
step four
Editing involves checking facts and accurate content.
step five
Editing is important because it maximizes the effect of your writing.
Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process. You can proofread once you complete editing.
step five
It checks typography, grammar & spelling errors.
step six
Proofreading is a more straightforward exercise.
step seven
Proofreading consumes less time comparatively.
step eight
Proofreading ensures that the syntax is in order.
step nine
Proofreading is an essential part to produce an effective document.
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