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Assignments are inevitable part of a student’s academic voyage. In his/her academic span a student is required to write several assignments related to different disciplines and topics. Assignments carry almost 25 to 40% of a student’s yearly grade. However, most of the times students get stuck with their lengthy and complex assignments and to get rid of such difficult situation they seek assignment help from professionals. University assignments are required to be prepared as per the rubric. Nowadays students prefer to take online assistance from experts to get done with their assignments. EssayCorp is a renowned platform to seek expert help in academic projects and assignments. Experts in different academic disciplines will provide you excellent assignment writing services.

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Subjects We Cover

Management is the part of a company that makes decisions for the company after analyzing a year's financial performance. They are responsible for making decisions that increases employee performance, maintains their satisfaction level and decreases employee attrition rate. A management course helps students develop managerial skills, which will help to manage a company and make such decisions. Management course has a few majors that a student can choose to make a career option, some of them are - Business, Human Resource, Marketing, Project Management, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, etc. During the course, students face difficulties managing their assignments with studies. We at EssayCorp have a large team of writers who are highly qualified and adept at providing the best solution to your Management Assignments.


Finance is a field that studies recording, summarizing and presenting financial information mentioned in account books to individuals or groups. There are finances that are used to record monetary and semi-monetary exchanges that take place in an organization. Through this course, a student is able to understand those exchanges. It helps a student learn about the various accounts a company has, who the interested groups are and how to present the financial data to them. The majors of this course are - Finance Planning & Analysis, Corporate Finance, Business Accounting, Investments, etc. EssayCorp provides students assignment help covering all majors a student studies, through experts having a Master's or a Ph.D. degree in Finance.


Nursing/Medical is a field of science that study biology and other important branches of Science. It also focuses on the health of human beings and the study of every organism, individually. Nursing deals with the health and care of different age groups with specialization, from an infant to an old person. This course teaches a student to take care of individuals with different illnesses, wounds and at times diagnose a disease. Medical Science is very diverse as it includes cell biology, anatomy, genetics, neuroscience, etc. Other majors are - pharmacology, pathophysiology, gynecology, embryology, physiology and many others. EssayCorp has a team of medical and nursing experts that help students with their assignments in detail with the vast experience they have in the field.


Engineering is a field that applies theories to study about design, development and other technologies. It has various majors like Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, Software, Electrical Systems, etc. Engineering helps a student understand the basics behind designs and systems, so that a student can analyze and deduce the quality of it. Engineering studies carry a lot of information which often make for a tough assignment that students can’t solve. EssayCorp provides students with assignment help for all the engineering subjects that they find difficult. Our experts support the student in their assignment to score good grades.

Computer Science

Computer Science studies computer systems and software in particular. The computer science course helps a student learn the basics of coding software and designing strong computer systems. A computer science student works to create and modify computer software and programs related to it. The majors in computer science programming languages like C, C++, Java, .Net, Python, etc. are the major part of the study. Further, the study can be bifurcated as databases, data structures, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, networks, multimedia systems, game technology, etc. In computer science assignments, students face problems cracking the right code and EssayCorp provides help for such assignments. We have experts who know programming languages to the core and hence they are able to provide perfectly working code. It helps students get overcome their assignment worries.

Information Technology

Information technology is the study of sending and retrieving information, it uses a combination of computers and internet. This helps information to be transferred from one user to another, without the bound of country or continent. A student studying information technology learns application programming, network systems, web systems, etc. Apart from these, other majors are system programming, algorithms, information structure, operating systems, database systems etc. Assignments on these subjects perhaps are difficult to handle and needs expert guidance. EssayCorp provides assignment help on information technology subjects with ease. Experts in the IT field expound the assignments well to get those desired grades.


Science is a vast study that includes various subjects like physics, biology, zoology, microbiology, computers, sports science, biotechnology, physiology chemicals and other subjects. Science undertakes the in-depth study ranging from micro-organisms to the chemical reactions and from the movement of an object to the code of a program. Majors in science are courses in themselves, they require a lot of understanding and long hours of study to understand the basic concepts. A student may find it tough to write long and accurate assignments while managing all the studies. You can shrug off all your worries and count on EssayCorp for your assignments. We get the assignments completed on time from our qualified experts so that you get A grade in your assignments.


English is one of the most prominent subjects which require verbal knowledge, sound language skill and great scientific acknowledgement. It is spoken all over the world by an estimated 1 to 1.5 billion people. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand are the major English speaking nations of the world. Studying English language includes literature, communication, public relation, philosophy, etc. Each class has some assignment work for the students and it can be difficult for a student to manage all of this with other activities in the university. Therefore, students seek help to complete English assignments and essays. We at EssayCorp provide you the assistance that you need, with the assignments and essays. The assignments are done by native speakers to avoid any errors. Essays and assignments are completed before time and delivered with the plagiarism report to ensure uniqueness.

Taxation & LAW

Every country has certain laws and taxes that citizens are required to follow. Law is a subject studied in social science, whereas taxation is a part of finance and accounts. The course students do, helps them understand the different laws that people have to adhere to and the taxes they have to pay. A law course opens opportunities for students to become lawyers, compliance officers or company secretary. After completing a tax course, a student can work as a consultant to companies. The majors in law are - business law, corporate law, contract law, constitutional law, labor law, etc. Taxation includes capital gain tax, wealth tax, comparative taxation and other country specific taxations like the Australian tax, the US tax, the UK tax, etc. Solving questions about taxes and the law may confuse students because of the many sub-sections in it. EssayCorp assists students by providing them assignment help in taxation and law from the experts who are well aware of the tax and rules, leaving no room for mistakes and helping you attain those perfect grades.


Mathematics is a discipline that studies numbers, space, change and quantity. Mathematics is also an abstract science that can be seen around us, it had started many years ago and still grows in its depth and diversity. This course helps students understand the different uses of numbers, symbols and equations with their different branches. Mathematics further has many branches, such as - algebra, linear algebra, geometry, trigonometry, applied mathematics, engineering mathematics, calculus, etc. Mathematics is a discipline that is supposed to bring correct answers when followed by the specified formulas and theories, but can still be confusing as the student may take time to understand it. In such cases, students need help in understanding the math problems step by step. EssayCorp provides the best help, with step wise solutions. The experts who solve these sums are also aware of various software involved like the MathCad, MathType and sometimes MATLAB as well.


Statistics is the study of social science that involves collecting and analyzing data for a group of years or a group of any data that can be counted. It follows a quantitative principle to collect information for a specific theme and analyze the number of times a specific event occurs. Statistics has been used in many other studies such as - chemistry, biology, mathematics and economics. A student studying statistics learns to collect data and sort it according to the requirement of the question and then proceeds to data analysis. Statistics involves the use of software for analysis, like SPSS, R programming, Maple, Minitab, etc. EssayCorp assists students with their statistics assignments by providing help from knowledgeable statisticians. The analysis is accurate and multiple checks are done before the final delivery of the assignment.