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Strategic Management Assignment | Best Assignments by EssayCorp

Strategy is something that forms a crucial part of any business organization. If a business does not have a perfectly planned and deliberated strategy, no amount of effort by employers and employees can provide it with the desired growth trajectory.

Through strategic management, a firm can effectively understand the areas where it is lagging and carve out the perfect road to navigate in the near and far future. Strategic management is the responsibility of the top-most management of the corporation.

These top board members study and analyze the past trends of the business growth, the changing requirements and conditions of the market, and, on that basis, determine which area of the business can navigate the voyage and which one will require the most attention.

Strategic management is taught extensively in the academics of commerce and business studies. Courses like BBA and MBA provide in-depth information and knowledge about the tools and techniques applied while crafting the perfect strategy so that the corporation can travel through the bumpy roads of the market.

Students are given strategic management assignments while going through their studies and academics. These assignments form a crucial part of their studies and are assigned around 60%-70% of the final results. Therefore, it would be an act of thoughtlessness.

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Aspects of Strategic Management

Carving out a good plan itself requires a good plan. Hence, if you want a perfect strategy, you need an idea of where to begin and end. Excellent strategic management has the following aspects:

Goal Setting

The planners and managers must know their goals. That goal has to be kept in mind before commencing a plan. Therefore, having a goal is the foundational prerequisite of strategic management.

Environmental Understanding

Environmental understanding means analyzing the behavior of the market and related prospects. Through this, the board clarifies the external requirements that have to be met by the organization.

Internal Evaluation

Before beginning the strategy formulation, it is necessary to know what our requirements are and what type of resources will be needed. This is possible only through an internal analysis and evaluation..

Information Gathering

Here, the managers go through numerous sources to collect relevant data for their business. It also includes the data and methods of competitors. After collection, this information has to be analyzed.

Strategy Formulation

Based on the information provided by agents and employees the directors and board members decide how the company should move forward. Then this information is provided to employees and other stakeholders.

Alternative Strategy

While crafting the way forward for a company, strategic managers should consider all the possibilities. And then plan A should be sketched. Along with it, alternative strategies should also be crafted to overcome possible problems.

Strategy implementation

At this stage, the employees of company implement the strategy carefully. This step demands sheer focus and skills. All employees are informed about their roles and responsibilities explicitly.

Evaluation of Strategy

At this stage, the board evaluates how the plan is performing and what steps can be taken to improve its performance. Here, we calculate the negatives and positives of the program. Then this strategy is updated.

Problems of Strategic Management Assignment

The academics of strategic management is quite complicated and hectic, and the associated assignments make it further challenging. These assignments hold primacy in result formulations. Therefore, professors keep a keen eye on them.

However, assignment writing often gets perplexing because of the various conditions. Some of these conditions are described below:

  • Time Management: Each assignment is given a specific time within which it has to be completed. But students found it challenging to conclude them within the deadline because some lacked time management.
  • Resource Limitation: This is another difficulty faced by students. Students require a lot of information to work on while formulating their assignments. But not all students are so lucky to have the relevant resources.
  • Skill Set: To write a perfect assignment, the author must understand and comprehend the gathered information and then represent it fluently and error-less. However, some students lack these skills and characteristics.
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is another problem that haunts students while working on their assignments. The information gathered from many sources has to be organized so that the final project does not get plagiarism issues from any source.

Besides that, students also face extreme mental pressure while doing these assignments. They must give up on their physical, social, recreational, and other similar activities regarding these assignments. These monstrous assignments often drag students into anxiety and depression. Therefore, they opt to choose assignment writing to help overcome these issues.p>

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