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Capital Budgeting Assignment Help

Capital budgeting is a process of checking, analyzing, and ranking the assets to be purchased according to which decisions will be made as to which asset will provide the company with the most return. It is one of the most important tools in finance, it helps the business to ascertain the risk and uncertainty involved in the different business transaction.

A student studying finance is required to master this subject. The assignments involved with this subject can be of obtuse nature because of the calculations involved. If a student is having trouble with his or her assignment, they can seek the assistance of our capital budgeting assignment help.

capital budgeting assignment help

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What You Will Find in Our Capital Budgeting Assignment Help?

As mentioned above, capital budgeting is the process of choosing the right asset for the company. The company works to increase the amount of profit it earns. This requires the company to buy new assets in every five years. These assets may be a machine that would produce products, a piece of land that would be used to build a storehouse or a factory or any such asset that the company plans to use to increase its productivity or its profit.

Choosing the right asset is a big decision, as it depletes a big amount of the monetary resource of the company. Further, these assets are analyzed to see which would bring the most monetary benefit to the company and which would last the longest before it becomes a liability. The purchase price and the depreciation are subtracted from the total cash flow the asset would generate in its lifetime.

There are two most used methods to analyze:

Payback Period - These are the number of years in which the company expects to recover the amount it has invested. This is the basic and the most used method. When a company invests in some capital asset, it invests for the purpose of earning a profit. But this profit would be earned once the amount invested in it is recovered. For example- If a company invests in a machine that costs 90,000 and the cash flow from it is 30,000 per year, it would take three years for the company to recover its investment. And if the investment is for 1,10,000, then it would take between three to four years for the company to recover the amount invested. Once, the company has recovered the amount invested, whatever other cash flow the machine generates is considered as profit. This method has two further parts.

  • One - Where it is assumed that the cash flow from the machine will be the same every year. This method is quick but may not be accurate. During the four years, there may be many changes that may either increase or decrease the profit earned.
  • Second - This method is where every year the cost is reduced according to the cash flow of that year. This method is slower but would be more accurate. In this method, the company will know if the investment will be recovered before or after the estimated day.

The Rate of Return - This method is another common method to analyze the investment. This method is known and used in a few different ways, i.e. accounting RoR, internal RoR, and average RoR. Even though it is used in different ways, but the method is still similar to the original. This method analyses the price of the investment and the profit after tax it will deliver. The investment cost is divided by the profit it will generate in its lifetime. If the actual return is more than the expected return, then the investment is considered to be a good investment. If the actual investment is less than the expected investment, then it is considered as a bad investment, and the company would search for another investment. There are a few limitations to it. It doesn't consider years, it is used for. It spreads the profit equally over the year instead of how it is actually generated.

  • Present Value Method - This method is also called the required earning ratio.
  • NPV Method - In this method, cash flow for the current year is calculated. This cash flow may be negative or positive. Then the cash flow is subtracted from the initial investment and if it exceeds the estimated amount it is considered to be a good investment.
  • Terminal Value Method - In this method, it is assumed that every year the amount that is earned is reinvested in another investment. Then the end amount after all the years of compounding is compared to the amount initially invested in the project. If the amount received with the compounded interest is more than the initial investment, this method will be supported. You can find all the theoretical and numerical answer to all your problems with the assistance of capital budgeting assignment help.
Problems Faced by Students in Capital Budgeting Assignments

There are several problems faced by students who take on capital budgeting assignments. The primary and the most bothering of all the problems would be the nature of the subject; which is convoluted in its comprehension and very prone to errors if the problem is not taken care of impeccably. There are several theoretical concepts that can also pose many problems for the students. The assignments assigned to the student can also be problematic due to the lack of familiarity with the concept and the skill to carry out the task effectively.

The theoretical part can also pose problems because of the minimum word requirement which would demand a considerable time on the part of the student. But the students need not worry any longer as we at EssayCorp provide the best capital budgeting assignment help. We have a large team of adept writers who are Ph.D.'s and subject matter experts; they can deliver the best assignment at the stipulated time. Our team of writers is established all around the world which gives us the capability to deliver the most relevant content with 24/7 assistance time and time again.

problems faced by students in capital budgeting assignments
Methods of Capital Budgeting 
  1. Payback Period - In this method, the total yearly profit from the investment is divided by the total amount of the investment.
  2. Net Present Value - This is one of the most followed methods of capital budgeting. Here, the difference between cash outflow and cash inflow is considered. For more information seek the help of our capital budgeting assignment help.
  3. Accounting Rate of Return - This method corrects the gap in the payback period. Here, the ARR is the result of average income divided by the average investment.
  4. Internal Rate of Return - When the net present value of the investment is zero, that rate is defined as the internal rate of return. The calculation of IRR can be tedious; therefore, we seek our capital budgeting assignment help.
  5. Profitability Index - It can be defined as the present value of future cash inflow. It can be calculated as the net present value of benefit divided by the net present value of cost. For a detailed homework or assignment on this topic seek the writers of EssayCorp, who work consistently with the aim to provide genuine help to the students.

Capital Budgeting Assignment Help by EssayCorp

We at EssayCorp have a highly talented and dedicated team of writers who work very hard and with much dedication to bring to you the best capital budgeting assignment help. These are the features that differentiate us from the rest out there:

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EssayCorp's Capital Budgeting Assignment Help

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