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Marketing Research Assignment Help

Marketing research can be defined as the process of gathering information of the market in order to sell goods or services. It is mainly done by the organization itself or sometimes by a third party who are specialized in the field of market research. This concept of marketing management helps the students to gain a lot of knowledge regarding the condition of the market and also makes them understand the tips to increase the share of profit. However, some students encounter dozens of issues when they are assigned to execute market research assignments and projects. Not only theoretically, they also get stuck practically into the webs of market research techniques as they are unable to provide the exact amount of data from the rest.

marketing research assignment help

EssayCorp provides the best marketing research assignment help to the students to help them with academic writings to get a load off their shoulders so that they can score good grades. Our team of professional experts make sure that all the terminologies and related concepts are included in a marketing research assignment so that students can achieve proper awareness and understanding of the topic.

Problems Faced by the Students in Marketing Research Assignment

Executing marketing research assignment can sometimes be a hefty job for the students who are in the field of marketing management. Being the most crucial topic of management, it constitutes about 15-20% weight of the total grade. The topic involves a lot of concepts and terms and hence creates a lot of difficulty for the students to keep a track of all these concepts and implement them in their assignment. Moreover, they also fail to perform market research, they struggle with the aspects that need to be researched, researching about competitor’s strategy and formulate plans. As these things are not cakewalks and require an extensive research of its applications in a specific state. Apart from this, the assignment on marketing research is lengthy and requires more time and thus, students are unable to meet the specific deadlines.

Steps Involved In The Process Of Marketing Research
  1. Identifying the Problem: The whole process of market research begins with the identification of the problem faced by the company. A research helps in depicting the proper view of problems that are important for the company to understand. The identified problem helps the researcher to set the research objectives, techniques, and the information that needs to be collected.
  2. Research Design Determination: When the problem is identified or defined by the researcher, then he/she must take a statement of the research objectives. These objectives can be expressed in the terms of research questions, hypothesis, or a statement.
  3. Designing Research Study: A research design is a type of plan that is required for the collection of the information needed. After defining the objectives, the researcher must determine the methodology, sampling, and the cost of research.
  4. Planning the Sample: This is the most important step involved in the process of marketing research. Sampling can be defined as the procedure that is used to make the conclusion regarding the total product items.
  5. Data Collection: It is concerned with the gathering of facts and information used in solving problems. There are two methods of data collection, i.e., primary and secondary. The primary data are collected from the original base by the use of several techniques, while the secondary data are collected from reports, magazines, books, articles, etc.
  6. Data Processing: After collecting the data, it must be converted into a specific format that helps in giving solutions to the defined problems. The data processing usually involves the summarization of the relevant details and the determination of patterns.
  7. Finalizing the Report: It is the final step in the process of marketing research that helps in analyzing the information and drawing the conclusion. A research report must depict the research findings and methods that are used for an effective managerial decision making. Avail the best marketing research assignment help service by EssayCorp.
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Types of Marketing Research covered by our Marketing Research Experts

  1. Focus Groups : Focus groups are mainly run by the moderator so that the managers can understand the customer’s feedback regarding products and services.The focus group usually have around six to ten people that help the company to get proper customer reviews related to a specific thing. It is a great tool to judge the employee’s satisfaction in an organization and also helps to understand their concern much better.To get more information on focus groups, avail our marketing research assignment help.
  2. One to One Interviews : These interviews are conducted by the managers of a company to check whether their products are in use or not. In this type of marketing research, moderator calls one person in a room and asks questions regarding their products, benefit, services and other queries.
  3. Phone Surveys : Organization execute the task of phone surveys in order to confirm the information provided by the focus group. The information derived from the phone surveys depicts the customer’s attitude towards a specific product.
  4. Testing : It is the final step of marketing research used by the companies to track the sales and profits. It also acts as an accurate indicator of the success of a company. To get the detailed information on the types of marketing research, our marketing research assignment help experts are there to serve students in every possible manner.
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Classification of Marketing Research

  1. Consumer Marketing Research: It is usually defined as the collection of data in respect to the customer preference for product and service. The main objective of consumer marketing research is to understand the customer’s needs, attitudes, and experience to a product.
  2. Business to Business Marketing Research: It is popularly known as B2B marketing research in which a specific business executes a transaction with the other. It is mainly conducted between the organizations, instead of between a company and a consumer. While doing B2B market research, the personal interaction between the two businesses should be healthy as it is essential to execute a successful transaction.

Using methodological approach, marketing research is classified into two categories.

  1. Qualitative Marketing Research: The qualitative marketing research helps the organization in making proper decisions and by focusing on the nature of phenomena. In this type of marketing research, the data is collected through the interviews and the participant’s observation as well as behavior. The data collected in qualitative research is a descriptive type data and is quite harder to analyze.
  2. Quantitative Marketing Research: The quantitative marketing research helps in gathering the data and information in a numerical form and is generally measured in the units of measurement. The data collected by quantitative research can be used to create graphs of raw data. Furthermore, the data is examined by the statistical inferences and reported by statistical analysis. For more information on quantitative marketing research, get the best assistance from our marketing research assignment help experts and score good grades.
Marketing Research Assignment Help By EssayCorp

We provide a reliable assistance to the students who are overburdened by various assigned tasks. Our professionals believe in offering the best assignment services with their specialization in the relevant field. The delivered homework is free from plagiarism and proofread by many writers that help you in achieving good grades.

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