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Database Normalization Assignment Help

Database normalization is a crucial concept and can be tough if its related concepts are not understood properly. In the field of computer science, database normalization holds a major portion of the academic assessment as it includes a lot of important topics in it. When it comes to executing assignments and projects related to database normalization, most of the students start freaking out. As improper knowledge on the principles of normalization can create confusion among students mind and as a result, they fail to grasp the concept.

database normalization assignment help

At EssayCorp, our experts are proficient in helping students for their database normalization assignment. Our team of skilled writers work hard on the given topic so that the students can get good grades in academics. Whether the problem is related to database modification, its elements or anything, our experts are ready to serve students at a very reasonable cost. EssayCorp is the top destination that provides the best database normalization assignment help services across the globe.

Introduction to Database Normalization

Database normalization is a technique of organizing the data in the database. It is a systematic approach of decomposing tables to eliminate data redundancy and undesirable characteristics like insert, update and delete. It is a multi-step process that puts data into tabular form by removing duplicated data from the related tables.

Objectives of Database Normalization
  1. Minimization of data redundancy
  2. Minimization of data restructuring
  3. Minimization of I/O by reducing the size of transactions
  4. Enforcing the referential integrity
Problems Faced by Students in Database Normalization Assignment

There are several difficulties faced by the students in understanding the concept of database normalization. They fail to provide an accurate and flexible data model which is an important tool for database administrators. The assignments and projects are quite tough and require highly qualified professionals to execute them properly. Moreover, students are in the learning stage of this concept and hence they unable to execute the perfect database model design. That is the reason students find it challenging to learn the rules and elements of database normalization and they are bound to look for database normalization assignment help.

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Important Elements Used in Database Normalization
  1. Entity: It is a logical collection of objects that are relevant to the database. Its physical counterpart is "table" in the database. For example, an entity called "EMPLOYEE" will keep data related to all employees of the organization.
  2. Attribute: It is a descriptive or quantitative characteristic of an entity. Its physical counterpart is a column in a table. For example, entity EMPLOYEE can have attributes like EMPLOYEE_ID, EMPLOYEE_NAME, etc.
  3. Primary Key: It is an attribute or a collection of attributes that can identify uniquely each instance of an entity. For example, EMPLOYEE_ID could be the primary key for the above entity.
  4. Relationship: It is a logical link between two entities. It normally represents business rules between the entities. While defining the relationship, it is always suggested to treat one entity as a driver (parent entity) and other as driven (child entity). These relationships are mainly of three types:
    • One-to-One: It means that for each entry in parent entity, there could be one and only one entry in child entity
    • One-to-Many: It means that for each entry in parent entity, there could be one or more than one entry in child entity.
    • Many-to-Many: It means that for one or a collection of entries in parent entity, there could be one or more than one entry in child entity. This case should also be resolved as it leads to data redundancy.
  5. Foreign Key: The relationship between the two tables matches the primary Key in one of the tables with a foreign key in the second table. In simpler terms, it can be said that it is used to bond two tables together. Furthermore, the table which contains a foreign key is known as child table, while on the other hand, the table contains a candidate key is known as parent table. Our database normalization assignment help experts offer the best assistance to the students across the globe.
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Importance of Database Normalization

There is no concept of handling the database without normalization, complexity will always be there in it. Without normalization, it becomes difficult to handle and update the database, because it has the major chances of facing data loss.

Look at the Important Reasons Why Normalization is Used for Every Database
  1. Avoids data modification (Insert/Delete/Update) anomalies.
  2. Makes the database optimized and easy to maintain.
  3. Provides greater flexibility in retrieving the expected data.
  4. Strengthens the data security.
  5. Increases storage efficiency.
  6. Speed up the data access.
  7. Decreases the chances of data inconsistency.
Why Choose EssayCorp and our Database Normalization Assignment Help?

We at EssayCorp have a large team of proficient writers who follow every instruction prescribed by you so that the assignment is up to the standard. They use the proper citation and provide the best referencing. Our writers genuinely believe in helping the student as they understand the problems that a student faces with his or her assignment.

salient features of EssayCorp
Salient Features of EssayCorp
  • Proper assessment of assignment by our professional.
  • Work is delivered before the deadline.
  • We deliver quality assignments every time.
  • Free referencing and in-text referencing.
  • Free Turnitin report with assignments.
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Rules of Database Normalization
  1. First Normal Form: As per first normal form, no two rows of data must contain a repeating group of information. In short, each column should be unique.
  2. Second Normal Form: The entity should already be considered in 1NF. As per the second normal form, there must not be any partial dependency of any column of the primary key. It means all the attributes in the entity should be solely dependent on the primary key.
  3. Third Normal Form: The entity should already be in 2NF and no column value should be dependent on any other value except the key of the table. As the database gets normalized in 3NF that means the database is normalized.
  4. BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form): It is an extended or a higher version of BCNF. In this normal form, all tables should have only one primary key. A table which does not have multiple candidate keys is said to be in BCNF.
  5. 4 NF (Multivalued Dependency): It also has two conditions. First, an entity must be in BCNF and second is if an attribute is based on value list, then it must be taken out as a distinct entity.
  6. 5 NF (Join Dependency): An entity must be in 4NF and if an attribute is based on multi-attribute, then it must be taken out as a separate entity. For more information on the rules of data normalization, avail our database normalization assignment help services.
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