EssayCorp Wishes Happy International Women’s Day

EssayCorp Wishes Happy International Women’s Day

Observe International women’s day with the pledge to gift women a better world with equal opportunities everywhere

In this era of internet and IT, women’s are getting wider scopes and opportunities in almost all aspects of social and economic life. They have been showing greater interests in academic and technical educations, medical studies and practices, researches, sports, higher authoritative positions, politics, sports and cultures etc. Still, if the statistical data is to believe, women are lagging far behind their male counterparts on all walks of life. They get less payment than the males for the same job, and there are many jobs where women are still not permitted to apply.

Over 1.5 billion women still have no roof to live under or no money to buy a meal for a day. Women’s are still susceptible to domestic violence, rape, murder, and abduction. To aware people about all these matters and increase mass awareness about women rights, International Women’s day is observed all over the world through different cultural and educational events. This day is now celebrated on 8th March every year. But it was not so for the first five years when it was celebrated on 28th February. The International Women’s day was moved to 8th March in 1913 for the first time and the date has still remained the same.

Purpose of International Women’s day celebration:

Initially the day was observed with immense protests by women all over the world, especially in Europe and America, who used to demand better opportunity and responsibility, better working conditions, better pay, and the right to vote. But, during later periods the International Women’s day has evolved into a day of consciousness on women’s development, gender equality, and a day to concentrate on different issues across the globe that directly influence women.

Specialty of International Women’s day 2016:

“Pledge for parity” is this year’s International Women’s day observation theme. This is in demand and expectation of gender equality which is still a distant dream across the Globe. This year the theme of International Women’s day is “Pledge for Parity”. The organizer’s of International Women’s Day are asking to all its supporters and activists to take concrete steps to make gender parity a reality all over the world, which they opine would be possible helping the girls to achieve their ambitions, making gender-balanced leaderships in every social, political and business aspects, and also by mitigating workplace bias.

Different aspects of celebration:

Women from different walks of life including political parties, community and business leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, inventors, media personalities, and many other personalities are usually invited to address at various events on this day. Such events may include seminars, conferences, cultural functions and processions. The messages given by the famous personalities and popular figures at these above mentioned events normally focus on various women based themes such as providing better opportunities for women in education and service, the depiction of women in the media, and opening up better prospects in sports, art, and culture.

Female students in schools, colleges and other educational institutions participate in different events, debates, presentations and seminars organized by their institutes or other organizations on the occasion of International Women’s day. Students at their tender ages come to know on the importance of Women empowerment, how women can be employed for the welfare and development of a nation and how women’s are doing in different countries. In many countries, students presents small gifts to their lady teachers and arrange some special programs to honor their lady teachers on that occasion. In offices also top managements commemorate the day with some special events and presentations to women employees in the offices.

Developed and developing nations have witnessed considerable improvements regarding the rights of women and girls, equality and liberation, with increasing number of women in the managerial levels, in technical and skilled services, higher equality in legislative rights and many more. Despite all these changes, discrimination against women is still engrained in the very base of the societies around the world. International Women’s day reminds the world regarding all these discrimination and deprivation that the women have been facing

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