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The Election Of The Year

This year has been a year of big things, and a lot of them. We have a few big celebrities die, some big albums, a new iPhone, BREXIT, a bursting to flames Samsung note, and a cure to blindness. These things have kept us on our feet. When things could not get any bigger, we had the biggest and most controversial US election, Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. It could not have been bigger than this, especially coming from 8 years with Barak Obama.

US Election
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When Did It All Begin?

Five months ago there was a ring of an election campaign which was heard all over the world and not just the United States of America. It started with the Democrats and Republicans sending their many candidates out in the states. Slowly the number decreased, from 17 candidates to 1 (Donald Trump) in the Republicans and from 6 candidates to 2 (Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton) to finally Hillary Clinton in the Democrats. While the campaigning was going on, the news of the candidates kept spreading all around the globe.

Rightfully so, America has been a long running democracy which has fought its way to remain like that, from the first to the current forty-fifth president, enduring even the civil war which brought the two divided sides as one.

When Did USA Come To Existence?

That is a much-debated topic because America has fought a couple of wars, against British and to become one country, but the first president was Mr. George Washington who became president in 1789 till 1797. The American democracy has been going on since. Soon the US Election was divided between two big political parties we see now. One called the Democrats and the other called Republicans. These two political parties have also grown with the country itself. Democrats have been the party of US elections from an early stage as a strong Political party, but soon with the elections where Abraham Lincoln was chosen a president in 1861, the Republicans started to grow as a strong Political party. Now we only see two political parties making headlines in the US Election.

Were There Any Other Candidates?

Yes, there were. There are always there. Third party candidates are always part of the election but very few people get to know about them. One reason is that these third party candidates don’t have enough funds to advertise themselves. Hence they are mostly hidden. A few of them are:

  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)
  • Jill Stein (Green Party)
  • Darrel Castle (Constitution Party)
  • Evan McMullin (Better for America Group and Others)

These candidates are called third party candidates because they belong to parties other than the main two parties. Further, some of them stand individually, not being part of any political party or forming their own party. A country with such a strong history plays a big part in the overall world economy and world peace. Thus the US Election becomes a big deal whenever it comes around.

This election Donald Trump was elected as President. Now start another President era.

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