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International Mother Earth Day

We’ve have been hearing from years that everywhere Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April. But, we don’t know the history behind it. Today, let’s understand that what is Earth Day?


What is Earth Day

Earth Day is the Day that is dedicated to our planet Earth and everyone across the world does something for the planet. The first Earth Day was celebrated in the year 1970 where two thousand colleges and universities took part. Along with, ten thousand primary and secondary schools and hundreds of communities were also the part of the Earth Day celebration. The first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States of America.
Many schools, colleges, universities, NGO’s spread the awareness about the earth day. They do plantation and go to slums and aware people to recycle the garbage and waste products instead burning it. Also, they aware people to stop different kinds of pollution so that our planet becomes green in every sense. It’s us who can save our planet, so it’s better to take the right step at the right time.

How this Day is Named as “Earth Day”?

According to Nelson, who was the first person to celebrated this day said that “Earth Day” is the most obvious and the logical name. According to him, he was thinking that how to make our planet better and he with the discussion of this friend thought that one day should be dedicated to our planet so that everybody across the globe should celebrate this day. At the End of the discussion, they came to the conclusion that naming 22nd April as Earth Day is the best thing. The birthday of Nelson and the Earth Day is celebrated on the same day. The name itself defines that this day is for Earth and if, anyone want to do something good with the planet then, Earth Day is the best day to do.

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Save Our Earth

With the aim of Save Yourself; Save Earth- Nelson wishes that this day should be celebrated every year by everyone who is living on this planet. By taking few steps, we can save ourselves and the planet from all the bad things.

2016 Theme: Trees for the Earth

EssayCorp wishes you Happy Earth Day and requests from every genre of person to do something good for Earth on this day. After all, This planet is our home and we clean our home daily. So, Why Not Our Planet?

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