World Population Day

Happy World Population Day to all the 7.6 billion people around today!

World population day is an international grade awareness drive being celebrated all over the globe to initiate a step towards making people aware of the reasons behind this exploding population year by year and discussing the effective measures to pull down the graph of population growth of the whole world. World population day aspires to spotlight concern and vigilance on the issues related to the bouncing rate of population. This day is celebrated each year on 11th July with an aim or endeavor to land in a global revolution regarding the population.

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History Of World Population Day

The World Population Day was confirmed by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program in the year 1989. This day is perceived to acknowledge the human right to plan for a family.  The World Population Day was initiated in the year 1989 as an offshoot of the Day of Five Billion noticed on 11th July 1987. The United Nations empowered the episode as a measure to enhance awareness among people regarding the issues and problems generated through population growth. It was elevated by the interest of public.

What Do People Do?

The World Population Day intends to accelerate awareness among people regarding serious issues related to enormous population size. On this significant day people raise campaigns and events focusing on importance of family planning, need of gender equality, maternal health, poverty, unemployment, health issues and human rights etc. Large business groups, delegations, individuals and organizations etc. celebrates this day with utmost enthusiasm and hope. The arrangements like seminar discussions, schemes, educational and informative sessions or speeches are conducted in order to raise awareness among the people to stress over this big issue which can be a threat in coming years.

World Population Day 2018 – Theme

“Family Planning is a Human Right” will be the theme of this year’s World Population Day.

The year 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of a conference that stressed on family planning. The International Conference on Human Rights was held in 1968 and for the very first time family planning was approved and certified to be a human right.  During that particular conference The Tehran Proclamation was adopted which states that it is the fundamental right of the parents to take decisions regarding the number and gaping of their children. This particular theme has been chosen to improve the condition of women as till now they are not able to access the methods of effective family planning. That is why this theme has been adopted as the focus for 2018.  For the plan and chosen theme being women will have the right to evade and sidestep the danger of too many pregnancies and exhaustion.

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Issues That Need Instant Attention

There are several problems broke out by the accelerated population growth worldwide. These issues require instant focus to minimize the hazardous impacts.

  • Since the first population day numerous efforts had been made to lower down the population level but the efforts have seemed to be ineffective as nothing much could be done to control the exploding population. Since 1989 to 2018 the population bar has soared from 5.3 billion 7.6 billion. Efforts should be made to analyze the loopholes and work upon them.
  • The issue is not just about the extensively increasing number of population but also the depletion of natural resources as a result. Natural resources are being over consumed by humans and it will result in extinction of these resources in coming years. Strategies must be made to save the resources for future generation and this could only happen if population remains under control.
  • Poverty is the major issue that needs to be tackled right now. Increasing number of population is resulting in more human and less job opportunities. This can only be calmed down by putting a bar on increasing population.


The basic concern with keening a day as World Population Day must be to focus the action and attention towards the urgency and need to inherit the awareness programs to cut down the level of population wisely. Efforts must be made to give the appropriate solutions to combat this threatening issue for the entire mankind. On the other hand it is a day to cherish brotherhood as well as realizing the individual responsibility of each one of us to put an effort on our own level to combat such issues.

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