Let’s Celebrate The International Youth Day 2018 With Utmost Enthusiasm

Let’s Celebrate The International Youth Day 2018 With Utmost Enthusiasm

International Youth Day 2018 is around the corner to draw the concern over issues related to youth and to celebrate their achievements as well. This day is celebrated on 12th of August every year to cherish and celebrate the attributes of young people around the globe. It is simply an awareness day marked by the UN. The chief objective of this day is to pull the attention towards certain issues surrounding the youngsters. It is also a day to boost the demeanor’s to engage the youngsters worldwide and promote them to pitch in positively in their community and society as well. Countries across the globe will be seen celebrating this special event with sheer zest and energy.

Theme for 2018 – “SAFE SPACES FOR YOUTH”

Each year there is a unique theme attached with International Youth Day celebration. In the year 2016 the International Youth Day was celebrated with the theme of “Youth Leading Sustainability” with an aim to support the poor and aid them with food and water. Moving forward in 2017 the theme was titled as Social Justice and Sustainable Peace. The current year’s theme for International Youth Day is “Safe Spaces for Youth” which focuses on the need of secured and safe spaces where the youngsters can join together exchanging ideas and expressions with each other. It suggests the places where the youth can come together and share their individual thoughts freely. It also assures nobility and security to the young generation. It involves places like where they can come together for activities like music and sports and feel free doing so.

Why Safe Spaces are Needed for the Youth?

As it is very clear that the objective of this particular theme is to encourage and support the places where the youngsters can engage together. Another significant concern behind the adoption of this particular theme is that it can lead to the growth and serenity. It is crucial for the young generation belonging from different cultures, ethnicity, gender and race to be united at a safe place and express their thoughts and beliefs for a better surrounding.

Events and Celebrations Related to International Youth Day

Numerous celebrations and activities took place around the globe on this particular day. Fun activities can be seen happening around on Sunday, August 12. This is more of an awareness day that is why several conferences and activities are noticed on this particular day for making the youth aware about different concerns. The United Nations also organizes certain awareness programs with an aim to engage the youth. Young people from contrasting backgrounds, religions come together to participate in such activities which comprise sports and leisure activities etc. Live events are very much effective in engaging the young ones together on this day. The events generally comprise concerts, debates, exhibitions and many sports activities. Some people opt to celebrate as per the theme defined by the UN.


Keeping the theme “Safe Spaces for Youth” in mind we all must put a step forward to make sure that safe spaces include youngsters from different backgrounds. Respect should be given to all irrespective of gender, religion etc. Efforts should be made to make the youngsters comfortable in sharing their views and thoughts in a peaceful manner.

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