What makes U.S. Higher Education so popular for Indian Students?

What makes U.S.Higher Education so popular for Indian Students?

Why USA Education is the Top Priority for Indian Students?

America is the perfect example of freedom, opportunity, and growth. Indian students think that studying abroad or in the USA will improve their overall personality. Studying abroad is a dream for a lot of students and the number of students applying for US universities has been increasing with every passing year. One out of every six international students is from India pursuing engineering, technology, science, mathematics courses. Studying in the USA can bring the opportunity to meet people from numerous countries and learn about their different cultures. US universities also provide research and training programs to international students at the graduation level. 

American universities are widely recognized for their quality education, teaching, and research facilities. It is the number one and largest destination for international students for higher education as it is the most versatile and has a flexible education system. The U.S education system provides excellent programs across all the disciplines including conventional and professional fields at Masters and Ph.D. levels. The program is structured in such a way that lays equal emphasis on the field of engineering, technology, science, etc.

5 Reasons Why the USA is Among the Top Education Destinations?

Before planning to study abroad students should introspect and make a prudent decision before applying. The USA has dominated the globe in the education sector by providing all major facilities like great campus life, exceptional accommodations, sports events, enchanting co-curricular activities, high-tech classes, and well-civilized faculties, etc.

List of Reasons why Indian students choose the USA?

  • Excellent International Reputation: Their evolving classrooms and high academic standards helped them to maintain a strong presence among reputed universities in the world. Great on-campus facilities and lively student activities attract students from all over the world. Indian students choose USA universities because they are encouraged to be innovative and to be real effortlessly by obtaining numerous opportunities.
  • Academic Excellence: The United States contains some 4000 universities that offer a wide range of courses and degrees at undergraduate and graduate levels. Degrees provided by these universities are highly recognized. According to the latest rankings, 16 USA Universities were included among the top 20 universities in the world.
  • Research, Training, Teaching Opportunities: At the graduate level only, the students get the opportunity to gain valuable experience in researching and training through internships or assistantships. This helps students to have practical experience which is extremely useful for future careers in their respective fields.
  • Bastions of Cultural Diversity: Universities in the USA provide diverse academic, athletic, and cultural opportunities to enrich students with an educational experience. There are students from every nationality, ethnicity, and religion in the USA that make campus life more thrilling. Campus life in the US helps to make new connections or friendships from contrasting backgrounds that boost their overall personality by listening to multiple perspectives.
  • Excellent Support Facilities: There are various workshops, practical courses, orientations, training that help the international students to mix up or make them ready for the classes. They also took an effort to provide graduates with 24 months of work experience in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They also extend international students’ stay in the US so that they can set foot in some reputed companies.

Best US Universities for Indian Students

The three/four years in the college should be the amalgamation of fun and a top education system. The list of colleges or universities named below are those universities that have reported the highest percentages of Indian students:

Boston University – Boston, MA – 22%: This private university is a nonsectarian that offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctorates in various fields like medical, law, dental, business through schools and colleges on three city campuses. The accommodation provided by the university to international students is outstanding and also provides many workshops, internships that help students financially.

Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh, PA – 22%:  University is mostly chosen by Indian students because it offers interdisciplinary programs like College of Engineering, College of Fine Arts, Mellon College of Science, School of Computer Science. The university provides multiple athletic games and active fraternities/sororities.

New York University – New York, NY – 22%:Students from China, India, South Korea, etc come to NY university to study various courses like engineering, MBA, medical, and technology. It is a private research university in New York which is divided into 10 undergraduate school

Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago, IL – 17%: This private college is located in Massachusetts which has awarded more than 4,127 bachelor’s degrees and is in the top 5 for quality education. Most of the Asian students enroll in this university.


Students’ life is unforgettable and especially when it is abroad. Every 6th out of 10 students in India think about studying in the USA. As Indian students continue to choose America as their top education destination for higher studies, it intensifies the cultural and educational ties between the USA and India. The second-largest group of international students in America constitutes Indian students.

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