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International Day of Democracy

Every year on 15th of September, International day of Democracy is observed throughout the world with much enthusiasm. It is the day when billions of people, who think democracy is the fundamental right of common people and only democracy can bring peace and social and economic equality among people, observe the day with events and seminars.

Basics of Democracy

Basics of Democracy

People who are living in a democratic country know that democracy is a form of government where all the citizens participate in the election process to choose their government. Participation in the election process is their fundamental right. In this way, through their elected representatives they take part in the development of the country and creation and administration of law and order of the country. In a democratic environment cultural, social, and economic conditions are used in such a way that each eligible citizen could practice and use his or her fundamental rights freely.

There are still some other forms of governments could be found in some parts of the world, like monarchy and oligarchy etc. But, those forms of governments largely deprive people from their fundamental rights.

Aim of Democracy

The aim of democracy is to preserve and promote the dignity and fundamental rights of every citizen of a country. It further aims to achieve social unity and justice, develop an authentic economic and social development methodology to ensure social and economic stability and well-being of every citizen.

In extended form all the democratic nations of the world, which are almost 193 in number now, being the members of the United Nation vow to achieve peace, human rights and ultimate economic development for making this world livable for every single human.

It is believed that human rights and the rule of law are best protected by democratic form of government only. It is also believed that without strong mentality and unified civil society, democracy could not be sustained.

International day of democracy remembers every citizen of a country to understand their rights and responsibilities being a part of democracy.

Background of International Day of Democracy

UN General

On November 8, 2007 the UN general assembly decided to make September 15 every year to observe the International Day of Democracy. Moreover, the UN assembly requested public of every country and all forms of organizations, to celebrate the International Day of Democracy. It also asked all member governments to support their national programs and organizations dedicated to promoting democracy and democratic movements. The UN assembly also asked the member governments to encourage regional and other non-governmental organizations to share their experiences in endorsing democracy.

After that assembly in 2007, the International Day of Democracy was first observed in the very next year all over the world. The trend has been continuing since then.

What Do People Do On That Day?

People in general, celebrities, politicians and various forms of organizations worldwide, including all types of government agencies, hold various activities to encourage various democratic movements on the International Day of Democracy.

Various discussions, seminars, conferences, cultural programs are arranged. Top leaders of the country, educators, reformers, and government ministers take part in those programs.

Various posters and leaflets with democratic slogans are placed in colleges, universities, and public places to aware people more about the importance of the day and importance of democracy.

In various countries, organizations, like the Inter-Parliamentary Union, organize events where common people could participate actively and place their opinions on democracy freely.

Observing the International day of democracy is a good initiative from the United Nation. It will help to spread the true essence of democracy and its importance everywhere. Amidst increasing political unrest all over the world, the International day of democracy 2016 will definitely strengthen the very base of democracy.

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