International Day Of Democracy | Democracy Day Messages

International Day Of Democracy | Democracy Day Messages

15th September is celebrated as the international democracy day every year all over the world. This day is celebrated in all parts of the world with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The international day of democracy is celebrated in order to spread awareness about the freedom and the rights associated with democracy for every individual. The breeze of democracy brings together millions of people from different countries every year, they all come together to celebrate the right of democracy.

History Of The International Day Of Democracy

Back in the year 1997, International parliamentary union approved the universal declaration of the international democracy day. According to this particular declaration, the elements of democracy, the principles as well as the processes of a particular democratic government as well as the international scope of the democracy are affirmed. Following this, soon in the year 1998, series of conferences on the new as well as the already established democratic countries took place under the influence of the President of Philippines. This happened as the “peaceful people power revolution” eradicated dictatorship which lasted for 20 years in the Philippines under the influence of the Ferdinand Marcos.

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The final conference took place in the country Doha in year 2006 & made a conclusion of promoting democracy on a single day universally through the means of the international day of democracy. It was due to the suggestion of the international parliamentary union that 15 September was declared as the international democracy day. The final resolution associated with this day which is entitled as “Support by the United Nations system of efforts of Governments to promote and consolidate new or restored democracies” came up in the year 2007 and was then adopted by IPU. Following this, the international democracy day was celebrated for the first time in the year 2008 and ever since then; it is celebrated every year all over the globe.

International Democracy Day – Theme For 2017

The international democracy day is celebrated every year with a certain specific theme which is decided by the International parliamentary union. People all over the world celebrate this day in accordance, with the theme and hence, it maintains uniformity in the theme and the celebrations in every part of the world. Celebrations of the international day of democracy will take place according to the theme, as decided by the international parliamentary union is the “democracy and conflict prevention”.

This theme of democracy and conflict prevention has set its focus on an essential need of strengthening the institutions of democracy in order to promote stability as well as peace amongst the countries. This is a better approach which nurtures the idea of the need for the democratic governance in the irrepressible societies.  The purpose of incorporating the irrepressible societies here is that they mitigate the disputes in their area through the simple and the unadorned means of mediation and through the degree of legitimacy of their institutions which possess a certain degree of legitimacy. Their strong and resilient leadership qualities tend to provide a support to the democracy, empower the women citizens, strengthen the civil society, and upholds the rule of the law. And all of these mentioned qualities tend to support peace and stability.

The 20th Anniversary Of Declaration Of The International Day Of Democracy

The entire world on the 15th September 2017 will celebrate the international day of democracy in accordance with the theme which is decided and hence, this will maintain uniformity in the celebrations of the day all over the world. Also, in this year i.e. in the year 2017, 20 years of international parliamentary union’s declaration of the international democracy day are completing and hence, it will be celebrated with a bit more enthusiasm in the New York headquarters of United Nation’s Organization.

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Celebration Of International Democracy Day

Need For Democracy

The most widespread value which pertains to the importance of the human rights is the democracy. By the 21st century, almost every country is following democratic governance while the concept of democracy is still not clear in the minds of many. Democracy in the simplest words, refer to the condition of any person to be able to freely express the will to choose independently their political, economic and social leaders.

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Democracy prevails in every country and often shares a lot of similarities but it wasn’t ever celebrated on the worldwide basis before the declaration of the international democracy day. It is all because of the awareness spread through the international day of democracy that on the voting day a lot of people gather to cast vote to their own preferred political leader. A person who isn’t democratic i.e. doesn’t turn up on the voting day has no right to appreciate or criticize the efforts or the rules passed by the ruling government. Hence, in order to be able to complain or raise voice, it is essential that you cast vote and hence, democracy is a very crucial part of any nation.

The international day of democracy is celebrated in order to spread awareness about the need and importance of democracy. It has been known that due to democracy a number of different social economic evils are on the verge of extinction and this has led to a rise in the appreciation of democracy. Every year through this day, democracy day messages are conveyed to the individuals all over the world.

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