USA History Projects For High School Students

USA History Projects For High School Students

How To Teach History In An Interesting Way?

History has been a stagnant subject for a while now that is why most of the cultures prefer to live “ in the moment “ theory which is kind of dangerous since current generation ends up making exactly same mistakes as the previous generations. Now this is a big waste of time, energy and money. History has to be necessary memory grid in every person’s life that they must hold as foundation that they base their future actions on. History of different cultures of past gives the most cherished glimpse i.e. into the mind of man and woman. History is seen as boring because people don’t feel any strong pull to study it but they couldn’t be more wrong. You can never ever feel connected to the environment until and unless you know the process that let from scratch of civilization to symmetrical today. It is the most intoxicating feeling ever known to the man since caters to a man’s sense of curiosity and the very omnipotent realization that bugs every person every time “how did I get here?’ .

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World History Class Activities

The most important thing that you can instill in a child is the sense of “it is all about now” and that can only happen if you give them very strong sense of past that makes ample sense to them. In a world that gets dramatized by historians trying to undug the last of dinosaur bones, documenting the most trivial of wars, writing books after books fighting over trivial details of conspiracies to win a scholarship or grant money etc. has turned the entire community bickering and “ trample the other theory “ oriented. No wonder students don’t take any interest, why would they when people who are feeding them information are not doing it with right mindset.

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However, the right emphasis is to study socio-eco-politico-scientific fabric of each era and linking it with mind or psychology of normal person in that era and make history a smooth transition of psychology rather than transition from set of one mistake making generation to another. You will for yourself start to see that best performing people of any generation i.e.10% were disciples of previous generation greats and rest 90% people of each generation exactly made same mistakes as previous generation. Hence, if we want to be in top 10% we have no other choice but to study history in right spirit. Also all kinds of histories are important not just social but economical, telecommunication, literature, cuisine, travelling, diseases, medicine and list go on. Man operates in 2 domains roughly ignorance, arrogance, and self-entitlement versus rationality, observance, humility, genuine curiousness, everything that we see around us can be on an average 90 percent irrationality and 10 percent rationality and this kind of mathematical mapping will help student feel connected to subject. They will start feeling a very powerful feeling “we are also writing history by whatever actions we take write now” and this will give them optimal view on life.

History Project Ideas

Rather than making something that will stack dust in principal’s office documenting some obscure Latin American war between indigenous population and European powers, students need to make something that they can learn something about them from. It can be psychoanalysis of dictators, to terrorism and religion correlation, to Judaism and banking correlation, religion and cultural fear dependence, counterculture and electronic revolution, anything you like really but given you get very strong social sense through the project and how you as an individual can change culture. Very interesting assignment idea can be the role of fear and the cycles of enlightenment and ignorance that our world keeps falling on from time to time due to identity crisis. For example from Athenian temperamental boil to Islamic mathematical revolution how did the world fell in an entire cycle of depression called dark ages only to emerge from it all bitter and led to colonialism.

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History Analysis

You can ask students to describe themselves let us say someone said that he is a white individual with tannish skin, speaks 3 languages Mexican, Spanish and English, belong to a family that works in tequila business, he like to dance to beat oriented rhythmic music and he knows lot about desert lifestyle etc. Hidden in this description lies lot of clues about history like Spain colonized Mexico for almost 300-400 years , Mexico has one of largest deserts and in rain oriented parts produce tequila,  beat orientation has been Latin feature since tropical parts there produce hardwood trees that make more of resonant sounds . Hence, this kind of thing tells geographical, social, linguistic, historical overview just from one individual. You can add in migration questions and like family college going or not etc. it is fun and very insightful.

Thus in this fast globalizing small village that we quickly find ourselves sucked in, we quickly find ourselves more and more lonelier because most of the times we don’t know what to talk about to next person about. If we became good at reading bodies of people they have their entire history written all over it. We at help promote this kind of thinking and provide help with history assignments that have much more enlightening social co-existence.

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