A Day When Every Americans Remember The Great Revolutionaries

Independence Day: A Day When Every Americans Remember The Great Revolutionaries

Every year 4th July is celebrated as the Independence Day in America. On this day, citizens of the oldest democracy of the world remember the revolutionaries who devoted their lives to free the colonies from the autocratic British rulers. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies demanded their freedom from the Great Britain through a motion in the famous ‘Independence Hall’ in Philadelphia, an event which ultimately led to the formation of the United States of America. Since 1776, this day of 4th July, Americans celebrate this historic event with immense enthusiasm.


The early years of independence

With a support of 13 colonies, the congress announced independence from the British rulers on 2nd July 1776. On 4th July 1776, continental congress officially announced the famous ‘Declaration of Independence’. Since then, this day is celebrated as the Independence Day in the USA. On the very first year, the soldiers of revolutionary war celebrated the day in Philadelphia with bonfires, ringing of bells and firing the canons. Soon, other states like Massachusetts and New York started to celebrate the day with equal enthusiasm. As the war with the British rulers were still continuing, until 1812 the celebration was very restricted. After the end of the war, public at large also begun to participate in Independence Day celebrations. In 1938, Federal Government of the USA has officially announced this day as a paid public holiday for the entire nation.

How the day is celebrated in the USA?

The USA is a vast nation, but all the 51 states in this country celebrate 4th July with immense enthusiasm. They hold parades in small towns or neighborhoods in which local community leaders and popular figures, eminent writers and politicians also participate and deliver speeches depicting the importance of the day. The families and their neighbors or social groups organize barbecues or cookouts and dine together. In many places communities arrange recitations of ‘Declaration of Independence’ and hold discussions on various aspects of democracy and how their nation is doing in this matter.

Apart from these events and celebrations, fireworks display is arranged by cities in different states, people gather to see and enjoy fireworks in evening. Different sports and public shows are organized. In different television channels different shows are broadcasted throughout the day.
As a whole, it’s a big day for all Americans. Wherever they are in the world, they don’t forget to celebrate this memorable day in their own ways.

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