Life of International Student -Problems and Prospects

life of international student

The era of the 21st century is of global connectivity, where the whole world has become a global village. The ease of communication and transportation has made it very convenient for us to join this global village. Thus, youngsters are now leaving for better education opportunities in developed countries like the US and the UK from less developed countries like the African nations.

These international students, full of enthusiasm and hope, leave their motherlands for unknown places. These students have dreams in their glossy eyes for which they are ready to pay any price.

However, their hopes met hurdles once they landed on these foreign lands. Various problems like racial discrimination, financial stress, and academic issues, among others, made their lives troublesome and hectic.

Opportunities in International Student Life

Citizens from developing countries choose to travel abroad with the dreams of having a well-established life without poverty-driven issues and traditional stereotypes they face in their own countries. 

The following are the primary reasons why students travel abroad:

  • Employment opportunities: Many developing countries need more good employment opportunities for their youths. Thus, their students resort to migrating toward more developed countries.

  • Better Education: Developing countries need more educational institutions in the list of even the top 100 ins. Thus, those who can afford to leave, leave for better education in developed nations.

  • Social environment: In developing countries, some people are discriminated against by others. They face discrimination based on religion, gender, creed, caste, and other identities. Hence, they decide to leave for a better social environment where they can have a dignified life.

  • Developing individuality: The youngsters of developing economies want to have a peaceful life where they can focus more on their development than traditional cultural norms. This type of environment is found in those countries where industrialization has already occurred, i.e., the developed ones.

  • Political situations: Countries like UK and US are politically stable compared to the countries like Nigeria and Sudan. Hence, this political stability has also attracted new generations of less-developed nations.

Issues Faced by International Students

However, the life of an international student is not always hunky and dory. Like everybody’s life, their lives also have many difficulties to deal with to achieve their goals. Some of the prominent issues faced by international students are:

  • Racial discrimination: They are often discriminated against by their classmates and teachers for not being born in the same land. This type of discrimination is the most common one faced by international students.

  • Stereotypes: Life of international students often get depressed because of traditional stereotypes they face in new and foreign lands. These stereotypes often discourage students from pursuing their studies and advancing for a better future.

  • Financial stress: International students lack financial resources as they belong to a relatively poorer background, and the cost of living in developed nations is too high for them.

  • Academic problems: Besides these social problems, the life of international students is also full of many academic problems. They have to resort time to their studies and their work. They must craft lengthy assignments and theses to earn good grades and have the best-settled future.

Ray of Hope for International Students

However, we should never forget that people who are not so international-student-friendly are far fewer in number than those who accept them as their fellow “citizens of the world.” And these latter types of people are the rays of hope.

They accept and even embrace differences and diversities. They encourage other people so that the lives of international students become less problematic. Such people are the real gems.

What Can International Students Students Do?

The migrated students had done everything correctly in traveling miles, hoping for a better future. Thus, they need not to get afraid. To overcome their social and academic problems, these students can take the following steps:

  • Have more friends: Friendship and compassion are the two best tools to tackle any social situation. Just make sure that your friends have the same mindset and are encouraging you to achieve your goals.

  • Education loans: You can also use student loan facilities to cope with your financial problems and pay college fees.

  • Part-time Jobs: Students can also choose any part-time work so that their money-related issues do not force them to left studies.

  • Assignment writing support: For their academic purposes, students can resort to online assignment writing help for their academic writing works like thesis writing, dissertation writing, and essay writing and avail good grades in their academics.

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