Celebrate The International Day Of The World’s Indigenous Peoples 2018

Celebrate The International Day Of The World’s Indigenous Peoples 2018

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous People is commemorated on August 9 every year to uphold and safeguard the rights of the indigenous population around the world. This day also identifies the attainments and accomplishments of the indigenous people in the advancement of issues like environmental protection.

History of this Day

This day is celebrated worldwide on 9th August as this was the ultimate date of the very first meeting of the United Nations Working Group of Indigenous Populations in the year 1982 in Geneva. In the year 1994 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 9th August to be the International Day of World’s Indigenous people. This day moreover perceives the achievements and endeavors that indigenous people make to accelerate the world issues such as ecological safety.

There are approximately 370 million indigenous people over the globe and are living across 90 countries. Though they are not more than 5% of the world’s total population but elucidate for almost 15 % of the poorest. They speak wondrous mass of the world’s computed and estimated 7,000 languages and depicts 5,000 diverse cultures.

Indigenous peoples are legatees and exponents of particular cultures and manner of connecting to people as well as the environment. They have reserved social, cultural, financial and political aspects that are different from those of the superior societies in which they dwell. Though there is cultural diversity among the indigenous population around the globe they still share common and usual problems associated to the safety of their rights.

How people celebrate this Day

People from various different nations and regions are motivated to engage and participate in recognizing the day to stream the UN’s message regarding the indigenous peoples. There are several activities comprising the educational tribunals and forums which initiate a focus on the improvement of these people. This year’s theme is Indigenous peoples’ migration and movement which spotlights on the present situation of indigenous territories, the chief reason and cause of migration, trans-border evolution and shift with a particular stress on the indigenous peoples residing in the urban or civic areas and across the international borders. The celebration and cognizance will investigate all the challenges and paths forward to rejuvenate the identities and persona of the indigenous people and initiate an encouragement for the safety of their rights in or outside their traditional territories.


In spite of some significant successes and achievements in the execution of the declaration on numerous levels such as the national, regional, and international levels from the last ten years, there is much remained to be executed in order to achieve the dignified and formal recognition of these indigenous peoples. On this year’s observance let’s get together for the betterment of indigenous peoples around the world.

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