Let’s dive into the abounding history of yoga and honor the International yoga day by uncovering all the benefits, details and interesting facts about the journey of this worldwide healthy practice. The United Nations announced June 21st as the International Day of Yoga in December 2014. In today’s world yoga has attained a mainstream aura and presence. This year the whole world will be celebrating the 4th International Day of Yoga.

History Of Yoga

Yoga is an old practice which is considered to be 6000 years old. The origins of yoga can be sketched back to the era of Lord Shiva. Yoga is a sheer scientific advent towards the life, it is not a form of any tantric art. The pure purpose of yoga is to heal the mind, body and soul. The word yoga has been derived from the roots of Sanskrit. Yoga is fossil practice recognized and explored in India. Yoga is surely a precious gift to human by India’s archaic tradition.

How The International Day Of Yoga Came Into Existence?

The International yoga day is also called as world yoga day. The declaration of celebrating yoga day on 21st of June was done after Indian prime minister – Narendra Modi called in the general assembly of UN on 11th December 2014. He called the UN General Assembly for acknowledging 21st June as the International Day of Yoga. The declaration of International yoga day was a proud moment for India.

The Valuable Benefits Of Yoga

There are numerous benefits of practicing yoga every day. It provides instant relief and lasting transformation. Take a look at the benefits we can get by practicing yoga.

  • Increases the body flexibility – The first and most expected benefit of performing yoga is the ultimate flexibility in your body. Moving and stretching in the fresh ways help to achieve immense flexibility in your body. We have noticed that the flexibility of a body decreases gradually when ages but this process can be reverse by performing yoga.
  • Calms the mind – This can be the biggest blessing of yoga to the people of today’s world. Nowadays mental peace and satisfaction is rare, everyone is in a hurry to get done with their crucial task. There are several meditation techniques which can help you relax your mind.
  • Accelerates the physical strength – Certain yoga poses initiate an effective growth in body strength and toning the muscles.
  • Shapes up the body – Regular practice of yoga not only provides you an appropriate body posture but also helps you in shedding those extra kilos.  There are certain yoga poses that will help you to shed those extra kilos and provide you perfectly shaped healthy body.
  • Prevents many diseases and disorders – When you regularly perform yoga the immune system automatically becomes much stronger and helps you preventing and combating so many health issues.
  • Increases level of concentration – Yoga helps you to lower down your stress level and increase your concentration level by many poses and meditation. Yoga helps you become happier by routine performance of certain poses which relax the human mind.

International Yoga Day 2018

People from around the world will be celebrating the International Day of Yoga with full enthusiasm and excitement. Last year (2017) nearly 180 countries participated in the World Yoga Day. Events regarding International Yoga Day 2018 will be taking place all around the world to motivate and promote healthy living among the people. People from different countries and religion assemble together to participate in the events of International Yoga Day on June 21st. The yoga fanatics tend to wear white clothes to perform and suggest yoga to people. It is also noticed that many people are aware of health benefits related to yoga.

We all must apprehend the importance of yoga and practice it routinely to get rid of all the mental and physical stress. Yoga has the power to heal the soul. This yoga day let’s change our lifestyles a bit and start practicing yoga for the sake of a happier body, mind and soul.

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