7 Best Methods to Protect Our Environment

 Protect Our Environment

Everyone wants to visit a place with beautiful and scenic views during vacations. High mountains with lush green valleys and rivers meandering and creating a soothing and aesthetic atmosphere are the things we sought. And this is the nearest reason to protect our environment.

One may wonder what an environment is. The most straightforward answer is whatever you see is your environment. The environment is the blend of things you see, hear, and feel around you. Naturally, the environment consists of trees, rivers, air, seas, animals, birds, and all other natural things. 

These natural things and beings had, and have been, helping humans to thrive and survive since the beginning of human history. We learn to cultivate our foods from these floras; we own all our dairy products to animals like cows, buffaloes, and goats. Thus, simply put, we protect ourselves while we protect our environment.

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Needs to Protect Our Environment

We must protect our environment because we receive various services and life-saving products from it. Now, what are these products and services? Some of the most vital products and services are the following:

  • Oxygen: Oxygen is the lifeline of all animal lives, including humans, on Earth. While breathing, we inhale oxygen, the byproduct of photosynthesis. Through this, trees and plants make their food and release oxygen into the atmosphere, from where we, and all other animals, inhale.

  • Water: Our planet’s more than 70% is water. However, more than 90% of it is in oceans and seas, and, thus, saline and is of no possible use to us. We use water in various activities, from cooking, bathing, irrigation, and industries. However, this water is freshwater which makes up less than 10% of the total. Even out of that freshwater, almost 93% is in the form of ice. Thus, we have only 3% water at our disposal.

  • Climate Stability: Nowadays, we all hear a lot about climate change. Continuous heating of the Earth endangers climatic stability, leading to extreme weather events like tsunamis, floods, and droughts. Therefore, if we protect our environment, we save thousands of human lives annually.

  • Medicinal Products: Plants like neem and holi basil possess medicinal properties. Their products are used, directly or indirectly, in allopathic medications to cure various ailments and diseases.

  • Recreational Activities and Tourism: Environmental tourism is gaining prominence day by day. Almost all countries want to commercialize their landscapes. In today’s world of technological advancements, we all need time to spend in the lap of Mother Nature. Thus, we need to protect our environment so that mechanization does not kill our natural way of thinking and working.

Besides that, tribal societies are entirely dependent on the environment. Their customs, traditions, foods, and other daily needs are directly related to nature.

Needs to Protect Our Environment

How Can We Protect Our Environment?

We can restore and prevent further degradation of our environment in numerous ways. Following are the best seven ways of environmental protection:

  1. Do not waste water: Humans use less water than what they waste. Through some simple practices like closing the tap while brushing your teeth, using a bucket instead of a shower, and using the washing machine at its maximum capacity so that you utilize every drop of water.

  2. Afforestation: Plantation is the best method of protecting the environment. Trees are our planet's lifelines as they provide fresh air and manoeuvre the weather of a place. Thus, by planting more and more trees, we can protect as well as reverse environmental degradation.

  3. Use a bicycle: The smoke from diesel and petrol vehicles is one of the leading causes of global warming and climate change. We can control greenhouse gas emissions by replacing such vehicles with bikes for short distances. Moreover, cycling also has various health benefits.

  4. Waste control: We should manage waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Waste materials in the kitchen, like peels of vegetables and fruits, can be bio-degraded and converted to compost which can be utilized in house gardens.

  5. Limited use of air conditioners: Outer units of air conditioners release hot air, which, when fired at a large scale, increases the atmospheric temperature. Therefore, limited use of air conditioners directly reduces the release of harmful gases into the environment.

  6. Sustainable development: This idea supports development in an environmentally sound manner. We need to keep environmental factors in mind while formulating business plans. Governments also need to keep these factors under consideration while crafting policies.

  7. Clean waterbodies: Industries and agricultural fertilizers pollute The rivers and lakes. Besides that, many people throw garbage into these waterbodies. As responsible citizens, we must keep these bodies clean and clear so that all lives can live in harmony with nature.

How Can We Protect Our Environment?

Academics and Environmental Protection

Since we learned about global warming and pollution, various universities and colleges began offering environmental studies to spread awareness among students and youngsters about environmental issues. They also provide research facilities to enhance our knowledge further and propose possible solutions for these problems.

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