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Urban Climatology Assignment Help

Urban climatology is a part of climatology science and there is a scope of specializing on the subject at higher levels. It is obvious that the process of urbanization has changed the general characteristics of the urban atmosphere. Researchers like Thompson and Perry have proved that human activities or human beings have the capacity to change the natural characteristics of the atmosphere through their activities and change in the urban climate.

There are some streams where urban climatology is taught. Students who study urban development, geography, climatology or climate science, environmental science, public administration, and global poverty, etc. are often given one or more papers on urban climatology.

urban climatology assignment help

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Urban Climatology - An Overview

Urban climatology is the field concerned with the study and research of the urban effect on the atmosphere and the application of this acquired knowledge to improve the design and development of cities all around the world. The activities of humans, industrialization, and modernization are part and parcel of urbanization. Urban areas have a profound effect on the adjoining atmosphere, as a result of the change to the nature of the surface covered and the releases of heat, water vapor, and materials. These changes have been taking place for the past 100 years or more, but experts in this field have only recently developed a coherent structure for establishing a specialized field called urban climatology for organizing this knowledge so that urban observations can be conducted and urban models developed that are transferable from place to place. This subject examines the challenges that the modern cities and semi-urbanized areas will face and strategies the municipalities or responsible government bodies or organizations could adopt to mitigate the ill-effects of adverse climatic changes. Particular attention is also paid to the incidence of global disparities, the needs of the helpless population to stay healthy in such conditions and the scarcity of resources.

Topics on Urban Climatology

Urban climatology encompasses different topic as follows:

  • Effects of industrialization – Here the students are given knowledge on industrialization and the pollutions caused as a side effect.
  • Effects of modern lifestyle of urban atmosphere – Urbanization has drastically changed the way people lead their lives. But most of these changes come with some ill-effects on the atmosphere like the use of ACs and cars, etc. Students are taught in detail the effects of these lifestyle changes in an urban atmosphere.
  • Urban Climatic Studies - Growth and maintenance of temperature and humidity networks in different urban areas, and learning to create urban climate charts.
  • Climate Guideline for the planning and development of urban projects - It is important to know the impact of constructions on the environment and how a building can be constructed scientifically by a reduced effect on the ecosystem.
topics on urban climatology
Why Students Need Urban Climatology Assignment Help?

Unlike other subjects, urban climatology assignments need a more practical approach. The subject is completely a stream of applied science and very much important for combating the increasing environmental issues in urban belts. Student face the following difficulties;

  1. Lack of resources which can be suitably used to interpret a subject matter makes an assignment very challenging.
  2. Urban Climatology is largely based on data, like data on population, data on the total number of households using cooking gas, data on people daily coming to the cities from surrounding areas, and so on. Accessing these data and then interpreting them for the purpose of the assignment is a tough job for the students.
  3. Language is another area where students must show proficiency. Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and poor writing styles sometimes make these assignments very casual.

How can EssayCorp help with Urban Climatology Assignment?

EssayCorp is a great help for the students who are studying such a serious subject for the first time. We have employed qualified writers who are efficient and skilled to write any kind of assignment on Urban Climatology. Few of our essential features are listed below:

  1. Professional subject matter experts for all the subjects with a Ph.D. and master's degree.
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