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Make a statement about the role of uncertainty in critical and ethical thinking using this week’s readings to support your view. What creates uncertainty? What problems might it produce? Give an example of a situation in which you have acted as a moral/ethical agent and another in which you were the moral/ethical subject.



1) The role of uncertainty is an ethical difficulty with no particular “right answer”, although the concluding decision is full of ethical consequences. In the reading, working with the mass media had created uncertainty.

2) Moral/ethical agent – “Being a journalist I see my primary responsibility as that of informing the public, and would place a high value on truth telling, tenacity in the pursuit of a story, etc.” Moral/ethical subject – “As a public relations practitioner I see my responsibility as promoting a cause, and therefore, my choices would alter consequently”

The entire part of “moral science” is identified as “ethics”. At times the words “morals and ethics” are applied interchangeably; however it is significant to know that both the expressions had technical differences. “Ethics” refers to an idea of a person's character whereas “Moral” is related with particular actions which a person performs. Thus both could be interrelated with each other because of their close connection.

“Ethics” is a viewpoint that examines what is stated to be good or bad in an objective sense. Thus, arriving at a particular “ethical” position through the development and thought of others are linked aspects. For e.g.; “When an annoyed viewer questioned why you showed the name of a rape victim, it appears like the correct thing to do at the time" becomes an individually embarrassing and professionally unacceptable explanation”. Murdering somebody has no “moral/ethical standing”. “The Judeo-Christian moral system” stated that “killing and lying” are immoral.

In my view it is not possible to become a moral/ethical subject without being a moral/ethical agent. Moral systems are not identical with ethics, but “ethics” starts when essentials within a “moral system” clash, but are interconnected with each other. “Ethics” is all about evenly forceful and the decision that needs to be taken between them.


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