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Choose two favorite sports of your choice (e.g.: sprinting, pole vault, rugby, boxing, ice hockey, tennis, badminton, archery, sumo wrestling etc.) and then write a brief essay on each of the chosen sports.


The two sports which I have selected for this essay: Basketball and Boxing.


The history and Evolution of Basketball

The historical backdrop of "basketball" started with its discovery during "1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts" by a "Canadian" physical training educator "James Naismith" as a less injury inclined game than "football" (basketball.isport.com, 2016).

The 1st official basketball match was played in "1892" within "the YMCA gym" where it was developed. The competition featured 2 groups of 9 players and finished in a score of "1-0"— obviously, "Naismith's" game was a long way from the present form of "basketball" played overall today. Before, "basketball" was initially played with a "soccer ball" with "closed bottom peach bushel baskets as goals, which implied that somebody needed to jump on a stepladder to get the ball after each made basket". To lighten the exertion necessary to recover the "ball", "hole was drilled into the base of the basket". This advancement soon offered a way to the removal of the "peach basket" and the improvement of the "modern goal composed of an iron rim and cloth net". "Naismith's" unique creation was a genuinely a basic sport that was administered by 13 guidelines. Though the game has advanced, some striking increases to the present day game incorporates the "dribble, the three point line", and a noteworthy resistance of "physical contact and fouls", current "basketball" is still firmly established in a significant number of the first principles (basketball.isport.com, 2016).

Major changes and Impact of Technology

From the actual beginning of the basketball towards the today's action packed game – basketball has progressed and created more superior than other games. Many alterations and changes were made, for which the game is different presently. The technology of "shot clock" was added during 1954 in to the games, have changed the game basketball like never before. "The highscoring duels" which are now visible might not have been existed. Moreover, "the low-scoring affairs" would have been an imagined thing of the imagination. The reception of the clock was the most significant occasion in the NBA. The invention of Basketball shoes in the matches was another significant occasion. The shoe technology apparently enhanced the game play, offering ascend to the acclaimed and splendid publicizing motto, "It's gotta be the shoes" (bleacherreport.com, 2016).

The NBA applied "instant replays" to see diverse angles of plays which occur towards the end of "every quarter". Any basket or foul at the "quarter-finishing signal" is consequently reviewed to notice whether the action went down before or after the "quarter" finished. Furthermore, all "backboards" now have a "red LED light" that sparkles when the "game clock" expires. Additionally, lighting along every sideline near "midcourt" helps referees to spot decisively where the "ball" was the point the "horn" went off. To enhance accuracy, the NBA introduced a "sensing device" on "referees' whistles". At the point when a "referee" blows his whistles, the clock consequently stops. When the play continues, the "referee" just presses a small button at their waist to restart the clock. The technologies of "breakaway rims" were executed during1983 is a significant one (barkhamstedbasketball.com, 2016).

Rules, regulations and objectives of the game

The objective of this sport is to try putting the ball in the opposite basket, and keep the other group from scoring one. The a few tenets and regulations that should be taken after while playing this fast-paced game are; By NBA rules, basket ball is played on a "rectangular maple wood court measuring 94 feet by 50 feet". The target of the sport is to throw the "ball" through a "round hoop" as number times as could be possible. The "hoop" is arranged "10 feet" over "the basketball court" and has just a somewhat bigger perimeter than the "basketball" itself. There are 2 such "mounted hoops" at opposite closures of the "court" where the 2 groups could score. The 2 groups are concurrently attempting to prevent the opponent group from scoring, whilst attempting to score for themselves. Each of the groups has "five players" on the field. "The players passes the ball to one another or move with the ball by bouncing it (called dribbling) constantly. Kicking the ball or utilizing the fist is not permitted". The sport is played more than "4 quarters of 12 minutes each with a15 minutes at the half time, and two minutes for different breaks". The "clock" is ceased when there is a stoppage of play.

There is an extra time of "five minutes". Toward the end of the whole playing time, the team with the highest scores is the winner (www.buzzle.com, 2015).

There are few actions which are not permitted while playing basket like, "the ball or the player who is with the ball cannot go outside the playing area. Moreover, if the player moves with the ball without dribbling it, it I called as foul, double dribbling is not permitted, again the player must keep his one hand above the ball, if it is below the ball is termed as carrying, and back passing and goaltending by the players is also not allowed while playing". There are basic rules of the game and breach of any such rules would give the control of the "ball" to the opponent team. More serious forms of fouls are "personal fouls and technical fouls", which has their own sets of rules, and decided by the referee (www.buzzle.com, 2015).

The training for basketball players

Basketball is a strength based activity. It requires strength and toughness to keep playing. To become a successful basketball player, one needs to have an excellent endurance. Physical training is very important for playing basket ball. "Cardio training along with running, sprinting and other aerobic exercises does tone the muscles and keep them fit" to a definite degree which is required. "Strength, Toughness, Athleticism and Agility" is much required for a basketball player. Mental toughness is also an essential aspect; one should be able to continue playing with peak certainty even after missing a few shots consecutively or permitting their rival players to score basket against his group (www.livestrong.com, 2016).

Nutritional requirements

With proper physical training and mental toughness, only the half battle is done in basketball, a basketball player needs proper nutrition to keep him fit. "Proteins and Carbohydrates" are by far the most essential and important nutrients for "athletes". Fruits and vegetables would also fulfill their simple carbohydrate requirements. They must eat foods that contain "monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats" most often. Moreover, properly hydrating themselves is very important to their performance in "basketball", but additionally it is absolutely essential to stay fit and feel fine. The only "supplement" the players really require is a "multivitamin". "Nutritional supplements" like "creatine and whey protein" have become very common amongst nowadays "athletes". (basketball.isport.com, 2016)

Risks and common injuries

With every strength based sport, risks and common injuries to players are a common and regular thing. The injuries to the "basketball players" are like "sprains and strains". "The ankle and knee" are the most common sites of injury, followed by the "lower back, hand, and wrist". Moreover, "eye injuries" are very frequent, generally as a result of being "hit with fingers or elbows" by opponent team members, and game related "mouth injuries" to players or "torn ligament" are also very common injuries while playing. "Head concussion or broken wrists" are painful basketball injuries which could be avoided with proper physical training and tactics to players (www.momsteam.com, 2015).

Major events and issues of the sport basketball

The major events of the sport basketball are; "World Cup - The FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international basketball competition for the men's national teams of the members of the International Basketball Federation, NBA Finals - National Basketball Association Finals held in June each year, Basketball at the Olympic Games, Basketball at the Commonwealth Games", and many more (www.topendsports.com, 2016).

Moreover, more the game is popular, more the scandals. The biggest scandals of basketball of all times are; "The Point-Shaving scandals like Tulane Point-Shaving, CCNY Point Shaving. The 2007 NBA betting scandal was a scandal involving the National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most major scandals in basketball. Recently the Louisville Basketball Lamenting Alleged Sex Scandal" is another one (www.totalprosports.com, 2016).


History and Evolution of Boxing

The game of boxing existing since "3000BC", yet official boxing was initially recognized during the "late 1700's". "The old Greeks" accepted that "pugilism or fist fighting" was a game which was played by "the Gods in Olympus"; this was then applied into "the Olympic Games in 688BC". However in those days there were no "cushioned gloves", they only utilized "leather hand covers at times fitted with metal", which one could imagine prompted some forceful and bloody duels a few resulting in fights to the death (uproxx.com, 2016).

The game was eventually recognized as "bare-knuckle boxing" and the "first victor" was a man named "James Figg in 1719", the only hitch encompassing this was there were no regulations set out, so sportsmen could punch their adversaries underneath the waist and some of the time battles brought about death. The game has advanced to in becoming more thrilling over the time. The "square boxing ring" of decades past, for instance, is being put aside for new arenas. The "BKB Pit", for instance, is a circle without any corners to escape to, no place to run or stow away. One doesn’t get in the "Pit" unless he could stand and wrestle. Also, as one starts boxing, "custom chips in the gloves sense the power and other essential measurements" about every blow, giving boxing admirers more knowledge to the game than any other time in recent memory. Its progression in technology makes it more thrilling than any other time in recent memory. Hence, the technology, called "PunchForce", is designed and initiated to measure the "speed and force of a boxer's punches and transmit that information instantaneously to the viewers" (www.foxsports.com, 2016).

Rules, regulations and objectives of the game

The objective of this sport is to "knock out" rival by employing a just fighting strategy instead of simple cruel force, beneath a set of set of regulations.

In boxing there are "4 rounds of two minutes each, with one-moment of break between each round. To score a point, the blow should convey force utilizing knuckles of the gloves, which is set apart by a wide white stripe. A strike utilizing arms that convey no force doesn’t score points. The boxer scores a point when he hits his rival boxer on the front part of the head or on the upper part of the body over the belt" (olympics.sporting99.com, 2016).

Moreover, boxers are not permitted to do any of the accompanying while boxing that is, "to strike cowardly to the opponent boxer below the belt, to strike when a rival when he is down on the canvas, kicking, head butting, or poking the eye with a thumb to the opponent boxer, striking with elbows, lower arms or within the hand (slap) or grabbing the opponent boxer onto the ropes" (olympics.sporting99.com, 2016).

The training for boxers

Boxing is possibly the most physically taxing sport of all times. It is a strength-based activity both physical and mental. Boxers’ needs proper and hard physical training like "conditioning drills, plyometrics, strength training, balance training, sparring, skill training, core training" with a proper schedule. "A boxer needs both upper and lower body strength in addition to unparalleled levels of cardiovascular endurance". The sport "boxing" is not only about getting into "great shape" and keeping oneself fit and strong for the brawl, but an equally significant aspect of the "fight game" is to have the "mental strength" to do well within the "ring" (www.bodybuilding.com, 2011). To become one successful boxer, it not only requires being strong physically, but mental toughness is very much essential as well (www.althealth.co.uk, 2016)

Nutritional requirements

Proper intake of "nutrition" for boxers is very important for many reasons along with hard work outs. "Proper mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fat from fish and nuts and proper intake of water and supplements is very essential for the boxers". Moreover, during "off season" loosing "body fat and adding muscle" must be one of the primary goals of the boxers. (www.althealth.co.uk, 2016)

Risks and common injuries

The "head injuries are for boxers; skull and smaller bone fractures while boxing are very common types of injuries. The damage of brain tissue as well as clots, lesions, nerve network and brain surface damage are all injuries that could be suffered due to a blow to the head by the opponent. The other type of injuries includes eye injury, liver damage, spleen ruptures or broken ribs." (www.fitnesshealth101.com, 2016)

Major events and issues of boxing

"World Amateur Boxing Championships Q is a biennial amateur boxing competition organized by the International Boxing Association (AIBA), alongside the Olympic boxing programme, Boxing World Cup, European Amateur Boxing Championships" are few major events (bleacherreport.com, 2016).

The few biggest scandals in boxing are; "The ring magazine scandal, The don king sandal of fixing, Robert lee, The IBF and the Racketeering scandal of money laundering in 1999, The murder/ suicide case of Edwin Valero" (theboxingtribune.com, 2014).

Being a law student, both the sports could be combined to my field of study, as it requires mental strength in tough situations and not giving up at any cost. Keeping fit both physically and mentally to overcome any hurdles is utmost important to succeed in ant field.

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