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A Study of Moment Inertia and Its Effect on Angular Velocity When Performing Angular Motion around a Longitudinal Axis.


The momentum of a rigid body is called as the multiplication of a product of moment of Inertia and also the Angular speed, it's similar to the linear momentum however when the subject is constrained to conservation of Angular momentum the principle shows there is no external torsion on the particular article. Angular Momentum is often the expression of momentum of a particular particle. In other view the Angular speed that is additionally known as the rotational velocity and might be outlined as quantity of rotation that a spinning object undergoes per unit of time. Momentum and angular speed each square measure vector quantities. (Landau, 1969)

Throgh moment of Inertia mass resistance is measured with rotational acceleration about one or more axes and it is defined as the distribution of the property of mass in a space. Linear motion of a body in the state of Inertia can be best described by Newton's first law and by using moment of inertia this is extended to the rotation of a body about an axis in the state of inertia. When external torque is applied if an object is rotating in a constant speed it will keep rotating. This is the evident that mass plays important role in linear dynamics and thus the inertia movement has the same role in rotational dynamics. Momentum of inertia describes the relationship between the angular of velocity and momentum and also includes the rotational and angular speed or acceleration.(Walker, 2005) Inertia can be described as the that is that the total of the product of the mass of every particle within the body with the sq. of its distance from the axis of rotation.

In an example of car rolling, when a car is rolled forward in a highway. The vectors of the angular velocity of all four tires move towards the left side with the lines containing the wheel axis. Position of vector depends upon the speed of the car. When car is in motion and speeds up vectors get longer and when car slowed down vector gets shorter and length of the vector become zero when car stops. Position of the Vectors revers changes the direction when the car is put on a reverse gear and the wheels moves toward the right with the lines containing the wheel axles.

In another example of gymnastics, Transitional skills are most important in aerobic movements on the, i.e. Aerobic moments includes Flic-Flac, round off here with various body positions the movements of backwards take off initiates the straight and rotational body position for somersaults, the body positions can be either linear or stretched. The most major point of the take-off that leads a stretched backward flip-flop on the floor it is the optimization of the related variables: i.e. to attain a big angular momentum’s magnitude by the speed by achieving a good amount of kinetic energy is very important.

Study aimed at analyzing the relationship that exist between Moment of Inertia and angular velocity by when the angular momentum should be stable and when the body is doing a circulatory movement about its longitudinal axis.


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