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In the 21st century, casual glance over the global affairs only recommends that the religion exists at the core of the strife going around the world (Doron and Broom 2013). Usually, religion is considered as a contentious problem, in which eternal salvation is often put at stake, and all the compromises could go challenging or either sinful. Religion is also significant, as it’s the central part of someone’s identity, create a threat to the beliefs of the people (Little 1996). It is referred as the underlying motivation for all the ethnoreligious nationalists. However, the relationship existing among the conflicts and religions is quite challenging. Several peace builders that are highly motivated through the religion plays a significant role in addressing various issues going around the globe (Little 1996). This area of religion and the conflicts will be processed in the essay based on “religion is a cure for the world’s problems.” This essay will also consider the way by which religion could act as the way of conflict. 

Religion is a cure for the world’s problems

Religion and Conflict

The amount of hatred, violence, and oppression increased in the name of religion all over the world doesn’t seem to be quite appealing, and it’s not easy for most of the people to understand (Scott 2001). No one could doubt that a single religion is the source of the birthplace of others as well as early family teachings (Doron and Broom 2013). Most of the people get their religion just like their eye color, and it’s not easy to change the mindset of children, which they learn in their childhood (Scott 2001). 

It's mentioned by Eric (2005), the person who had taken birth in Pakistan or either in Egypt will be of Muslim religion, and one who is born in Tibet will be Buddhist, and the one who is born in India will be Hindu, and the one, who is born in the UK or USA will be Christian. If the Lord is omnibenevolent, then he will never place the children in the disadvantaged situation (Eric 2005). It creates the view that all the religions provide the people with the similar salvation chances (Doron and Broom 2013). 

Although, it doesn't matter that certain aspects related to religion, which are highly susceptible are referred as the different latent source (Doron and Broom 2013). All the religions include their article, and belief, which is followed by the followers of that religion. It might lead towards the intolerance as well as inflexibility in other faiths (Eric 2005). Therefore, the question is, in the words of Gods, how can one tries to compromise. Simultaneously, dogma, as well as scripture, is often considered as open and vague towards the interpretation (Doron and Broom 2013). Therefore, it can be noted that conflicts might begin over the communication are the one that is correct, and the conflicts, which usually cannot be solved quickly, in that case, there is no arbiter (Eric 2005). The winner considers that interpretation, often attracts the religious followers, and all these followers should be forced or either motivated towards their action. It is noted that although most of the faith holders have the moderate perception, they often try to complacent it, in which extremist are highly motivated towards coming with the Gold’s will interpretation to fruition (Werner and Reychler 1994).

Religious fanatic often gives way towards the escalation of the conflicts. They view all the radical ways as it’s required for fulfilling the wishes of God. Any religious fundamentalist often adopts the Manichean perception of the world (Werner and Reychler 1994). In case if the world faces challenges among the evil and good, then, in that case, it will be difficult to justify the compromising with the wrong one clearly. Therefore, any indication about the moderation could be decried, and the most important are abandoning the will of God (Werner and Reychler 1994).

There are few groups, like Jama’at-i-Islami from Pakistan and New Christian Rights from America, who are operated openly by the ways of the constitution, and still, they pursue the intolerance end (Doron and Broom 2013). In situations, where the reasonable steps are not considered to come with the outcome, whether it’s social, economic or either political, then such situation populace might move towards the last reference for the solutions (Werner and Reychler 1994). Therefore, without the legal mechanism for all the religious group to explain their perception, they might move towards more violence situation. Hamas in Palestine, as well as Hizbullah from Lebanon, are involved in violent activities, but at the same time, they attain the support through the social work because the government is not able to so much work. Hindu nationalist as well as Sikh extremist from India, and Jewish cells from Israel are the other few examples related to the fundamentalist movement, which tries to drive the threats towards the faith (Doron and Broom 2013).

Revivalism of religion is quite challenging, as it can quickly offer the purpose along with a sense of pride, but in countries like Sudan and Sri Lanka, they try to come up with the illiberal nationalism, which enhances the discrimination as well as intolerance (Werner and Reychler 1994). There are few other groups like Kahane and Kach's parties operating in Israel or either the Islamic Jihad in Egypt, who refer the violence as part of their duty. They call this activity as violence and therefore, tries to eliminate the obstacles (Werner and Reychler 1994).

Many religions hold a great evangelism strains and the same might be conflicting. Believers often call as spreading the message of God and try to enhance their flock (Werner and Reychler 1994). For instance, the efforts made towards imposing the Christianity over the people was the significant part of the conflicts, which is highly surrounded by the colonization of Europe (Doron and Broom 2013). Similarly, there are a group of people that might seek to reject many other religions, as well as the opportunity to go and practice their religion (Werner and Reychler 1994). Therefore, these things go out of the desire to reduce the beliefs related to dominant group’s thoughts that might be dangerous or either inferior. In China, there is no conflict exist among the religions, but it is noted that government perceives religion as the threat for the loyalties of the citizen (Werner and Reychler 1994). All these situations are derived from the failure to have the respect towards the faith. 

Fundamentalist related to religion are often driven through the modernity displeasure. They are even motivated through the marginalization of moderns society religion, and they even act towards restoring the belief (Doron and Broom 2013). They are a requirement for bringing spiritual purification in the perception of fundamentalist. Spreading of the western materialism is usually blamed for enhancing the alcoholism, gambling as well as reduction in human morals. For instance, Al-Qaeda often claims to be motivated through the neoimperialism along with the existence of overseas global military forces in the lands of Muslim. A Western culture that is profoundly liberated also gets threats from prioritizing both groups and individuals, and even place a question over the important women role within the society (Doron and Broom 2013). It is off-course to mention that the United States, New Christian Right often says that the westerners have the perception that modern society often lacks in few things (Doron and Broom 2013). Conflicts happening on the abortion and the teachings given in schools are considered as the primary examples, in which groups perceive that religious traditions are getting profoundly abandoned (Doron and Broom 2013).

Nationalists are also trying to produce the sentiments of extremist. Nationalists are also viewed as putting the perception that all the religious traditions are linked to the nation, and any threat is given to one; then it might impact the other (Hizkias 1990). Therefore, in such case, nationalist often threaten to the religion through coming up with the political entity, through which faith is often privileged at the cost of others (Roger 1992). In this perception, it is noted that all the religious symbols are made in use for the purpose of keeping forward the nationalist and ethnic cause. This case is viewed in Northern Ireland Catholics, along with Indian Hindu nationalist as well as Milosevic’s Yugoslavia Orthodox Church (Roger 1992).

Religion intimate portrayal usually tries to reinforce the perception of religion as the most conflictual (Egner and Denonn 1992). The international media had also given importance to both the conflicts and religion, but not in the manner that religion is applying valuable tool for peace-making (Egner and Denonn 1992). This type of excessive stress place over the religion negative side and the religion extremist actions often tries to generate the interfaith hostility as well as faith. The question is what media are portraying the conflicts from religion tend towards to and confuse others. It often creates misunderstanding about alliances and even exacerbates the polarization (Egner and Denonn 1992).

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