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Is there a difference in the overall satisfaction of women based on the number of housing problems (no problems, 1 problem, 2 or more problems)? Using Polit2SetA data set, run an ANOVA using Overall Satisfaction, Material Well- Being (satovrl) as the dependent variable and Housing Problems (hprobgrp) (this is the last variable in the data set) as the independent variable.


Week 5 ANNOVA Exercises

This study aimed at testing the difference in the overall satisfaction of a woman’s satisfaction based on housing. 960 woman participants were analysed in the study from the data in the dataset Polit2SetA SPSS, in which 367 women had no problems with housing (Group 1), 264 women had atleast one problem with housing (Group 2), and 304 women were found to have two or more problems with housing (Group 3). The mean overall satisfaction scores (Bernhardt & Kennett, 2000) for the women in Group 1 was 12.71(2.35), the scores of Group 2 was 11.97(2.58), and the scores of Group 3 was 10.57(2.59)

The null hypothesis H0 – The status of housing of a woman has no significant impact on their levels of overall satisfaction.

The alternate hypothesis H1 – The status of housing of a woman has a statistically significant impact on their levels of overall satisfaction, fewer housing problems meaning higher levels of overall satisfaction.

The analysis that was performed was a One-Way ANNOVA, using Levene’s test of Equality of Variances to compare the means of the overall satisfaction scores of the three groups.

The p-value of the samples in the Levene’s test is 0.122, which is greater than 0.05. This implies no statistically significant variance between the overall satisfaction scores in all the three groups of women in the study.

Table 1 – The Fstatistic, the pvalue and degrees of freedom.

  Some of Squares Off Mean Squeare F Sig.
Between Groups 771.072 2 385.536 61.674 .000
Within Groups 5826.111 932 6.251    
Total 6597.83 934      

The results show that there is a statistically significant difference (p=0.000) in the satisfaction levels of all the three groups of women in the study, assuming equal variances.



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