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Your task is to write a report (minimum one page and maximum two-page) on whether you think that the hamburger shown on impossiblefoods.com is actually a meat patty or is instead a vegetable patty.


I called this a vegetable patty instead of a meat patty because, from the recipe section of the impossiblefood.com website, we get to see that;

“Impossible Foods”, is a 4-year-old, “Redwood City”, based food company working on an innovative making of “meat and cheese burgers” prepared wholly from “plants” (echcrunch.com, 2015).

They had spent 3 and a half years in understanding what creates the experience of “cooking and eating” meat so exceptional, and finding “proteins and nutrients” from “plants” that reproduce the experience on a “molecular level” (impossiblefoods.com/our-burger, 2016).

Their greatest disclosure was that a “molecule called heme” is the “magic ingredient” that gives “meat” its flavor and smell. Despite the fact that it's especially plentiful in “meat”, “heme” is necessary to each branch of life, including “plants”. A “heme-containing protein” normally found in “plants” gives their “meat” its genuinely “meaty” taste (impossiblefoods.com/our-burger, 2016).

With that achievement, they have set out on the journey to making a truly tasty burger. They looked the “plant” world to get the best sources of each of the building pieces of “meat”, which drove them to some unexpected elements, like “coconut and honeydew melon” (motherboard.vice.com, 2015). The outcome was a “burger” with the look, feel, smell, sizzle, and in particular, the essence of “ground beef” —however made completely from “plants”. The organization said that the “burger” would have no “cholesterol, anti-infection agents, or hormones”, however would have the essence of “real meat”, because of the “fats, proteins, and nutrients” alienated and drawn from different “plants, grains, and legumes” joined with “amino acids” to make it as near to “meat” as possible (impossiblefoods.com/our-burger, 2016).

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