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Report the business problem, and business analytics tools selected to solve the selected problem(s).



Present study is based on the notion of time series analysis, the analysis of time series is useful in administration, planning, evaluation, of socio economic progress as well as for research in various scientific fields including pure sciences, econometrics and humanities. In the present study the significance of difference in net sale, gross profit made by company, Revenue generated across the months and season studied. finding significance of difference with respect to shop making amount of profit in relation to location of shop, number of sales occurred for different months of the year, average sales for different months of the year, Gross profit for different months of the year Total of 366 respondents were studied and data were collected using a pretested questionnaire.

Problem definition and business intelligence required.

In this study we try to investigate and tests the hypothesis Number of sale of a product varies over a period of time, here we tests the hypothesis of whether difference in number of sales, Average sales, Gross profit varies over a period of month, In another hypothesis study is undertaken to test hypothesis of whether difference in number of sales and average sales varies between rainy days and Gross Profit.

Business Intelligence required:

To answer the aforesaid hypothesis following analysis is conducted.

1.0 What are my top selling products?

On the basis of quantity sold following are the top selling products are.

2.0 What location in the shop makes the most amount of Revenue?

Location   Net Profit
Front 88777
Left 82052
Outside Fornt 40612
Rear 96493
Right 74607

Total Revenue Generated were maximum that is, 39074 $.


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