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Write a questionnaire for Money Mart. Money Mart is an alternative financial services company offering check cashing. The most popular service offered by MoneyMart are Pay-Day loans (also called a ‘Cash Advance’). 


Take this survey and stand a chance to win gift certificates worth $100 from Amazon.com
Section I (Select BEST option for each question, fill in the text where applicable)

1. What is your age?
a) 18-20
b) 21-29
c) 30-39
d) 40-49
e) 50-59
f) 60

2. What is your gender?
a) Male
b) Female

3. Are you currently married?
a) Yes
b) No

4. Which of the below best describes your ethnicity?
a) White American
b) Black American, Afro-American
c) Asian
d) European American
e) Latino Hispanic American
f) Another Race. Please specify_________________

5. How many members currently live in your household?

6. How much do you earn in a year?
a) 0-$9,999
b) $10,000-$24,999
c) $25,000-$49,999
d) $50,000-$99,999
e) $1,00,000-$4,99,999
f) $5,00,000 or above

7. How much is your combined household income in a year?
a) 0-$9,999
b) $10,000-$24,999
c) $25,000-$49,999
d) $50,000-$99,999
e) $1,00,000-$4,99,999
f) $5,00,000 or above

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