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Your project should introduce your organisation, its missions, goals, core operatives. Introduce your project and how it relates to the previously mentioned missions, goals and core operations. Identification of the stakeholders and concluded properly.


Part 1
Question 1
Project definition
The main aim of this report is to offer the proposal for targeting Darwin audiences. The proposal will be based on constructing recreational centre that will cater towards all age groups. The business proposal will include the details about a unique concept of theme park that will be combined with resort, amusement park and restaurants. The recreational centre name will be H2Go, that is, it will be an amusement park having an aquatic theme. The amusement park will include water sports, and it will be specialize in sea food (Australian Parks and Recreation, Volumes 29-30 1993). It will also include retails hops that will offer merchandise, aquariums’, water animal’s pictures, etc.

Outline of the project
Feasibility analysis needs to be done before commencing with the construction of amusement park. The feasibility analysis will include analysis of cost and benefits, such as how the cost will be included and used. The analysis will consider the detailed analysis about the budget by considering the profit/loss statements, projected balance sheets and cash flow (Bolles 2002). While undertaking the analysis of cost benefit, H2Go will try to categorize the same in three parts, such as estimated benefits, potential cost need to be incurred and the difference among the two. The key cost segregation includes the recreational centre construction that will be categorized into material, men and machinery. The complete budget calculated for the project is given below: From the total budget, 70% will be used in buying the land for the purpose of recreational centre construction in Australia. From the remaining budget, 20% will be used for purchasing the relevant machinery that will be used while constructing recreational centre. From the remaining budget, 10% will be used by the officials in order to train the staff people who are interested in taking care of complete recreational centre.

Beginning and finish dates
Starting of project 24th February 2016
Market research for feasibility 26th February 2016
Gathering information 28th February 2016
Meeting fix up with owner 1st March 2016
Project design 3rd March 2016
Project Execution 4th April 2016
Financial estimation of project 4th July 2016
Marketing 6th August 2016
Controlling 11th August 2016
Project closure 17th August 2016

Below is the list of people involved in the managing the project:
  Project Sponsor
  Management Partner
  General Constructor
  Financial Consultants
  Activities and Entrainment Consultants
  Employees Consultants
  Media and promotion manager
  Public Relations Officer
  Other Agencies like, legal, planning and design, auditing, insurance, and banking

Final Results
Project successful completion can be undertaken through offering competitive edge to the recreational centre. H2Go will received competitive edge by considering the visitors and location. There are certain areas that need to be considered such as, food, innovative design, exiting environment, ambience, entertainment, sports, wide range of activities, and high profit level.

Marketing Strategy
The company will adopt 4P’s of marketing strategy, in which price need to be competitive (Bolles 2002). It is important to list the price along with material like, slides, merchandise, water sports, and food cost. For example, cost of retail shop will be $9.50 per each item, restaurant dining cost $3.75 per person, and sports cost $15. The promotion will be done through word of mouth, and positioning of message should be done among targeted audiences.

Sales Strategy
Sales strategy of the company should be made to please the customers. The best technology adopted by the company will be to provide services that could pose the quality of food and great ambience at affordable prices.

Question 2
Planning and controlling is the two different management functions that are linked with each other. The scope of both the functions of management is to overlap each other. But without any proper planning, controlling scope is of no use. Therefore, planning and controlling is significant. The relationship among the two is given below:
  Planning and controlling are important management functions
  Planning tries to proceed controlling
  Planning and controlling are two inseparable management functions
  Planning and controlling are important parts of the company that is required in smooth enterprise functioning.The tools that assist the manager in controlling and planning of activities are mentioned below: Skills of project management are needed by the manager in order to make the project successful. There are different methods that should be used for planning and controlling the activities. The three key tools used by the project manager are mentioned below: Gantt Chart- It will help managers in preparing the budget and then communicating the plan. Fishbone diagrams- it will offer cause and effect relationship in the given environment. It will be applied in initial planning stage of the project. Critical path analysis- this process will support in managing the complete enterprise process. It refers to PERT Model that offers specialized method in exploring different activities.

Question 3
Project involves five stages that are given below:
Initiation-the beginning step in project management implies the initiation stage that gives the idea what has to be done. In this stage stakeholders are also identified, these are the people who are impacted by the launch of project. In this stage project charter document is prepared. Planning- the next step is related with planning. In this stage, project team is formulated that supports in completing the project within the set time limit. The team is categorizing into two parts, such a score team and the other one is part time. In this stage detailed plan of project management is formulated for ensuring the successful completion of project (Knutson and Bitz 1991). Cost estimation and budget formulation is done that supports the management in having an idea about failure or success of the project. Execution- In this stage execution process begins for the project. This stage includes many people on the project and includes high cost. The communication strategies are used for making stakeholders aware about the project completion. Controlling and monitoring- once the project gets executed, it is monitored and controlled. These activities are practised and it supports in accomplishing the activities within the set time frame.Controlling supports in viewing whether the planned activities are accomplished through the planned actions (Knutson and Bitz 1991).Closing- It’s the last step of the project. This stage ensures that there is clear cut should be developed, in which the project should be attained.

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