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Think of a small fictional company you would like to start. This must be a unique concept that is not already in existence. All content must be your own and should not be a replication of an existing company.Provide a proper introduction of your company organisation foundation and write about analysis.



The problem of ‘security’ has posed a threat to the US citizens. This is highly important both in residential and commercial place as well. ViaCam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is determined to enter the market with noble cause to provide long-term solutions to the major concern of security. It is committed to provide end-to-end solutions in terms of safety to the residential societies, commercial complexes, shopping mall catering the needs of hundreds of clients across the country. The company has an ambitious plan to expand the business across the globe in future. In next 2-3 years, it has planned to come up with customized products with wide range of target communities.

2. Company’s Organizational Foundation and Direction:

ViaCam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will come into existence on December 20, 2016. All the formalities like registration, licenses and procedures will be completed on priority basis with the help of legal consultants. It will be based in Chicago.

a) Core Values: The core values are the like the living organism. There are ‘must have’ for any enterprise. The ViaCam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has finalized the below mentioned core values from business perspective.

1 Integrity: It means to adhere to the norms, policies, rules and regulations. It also emphasizes to treat all equally and fairly.

2 Utmost Good Faith: Each and every business transaction with the customers must be based on‘ Utmost Good Faith’. No overpromises should be given. It is essential to provide accurate, relevant and required information to the customers to build the relationships in the long-term.

Each One Count:

1.The company or business growth is possible only when each one contributes, performs better consistently. It highlights ‘the sense of ownership or belongingness’.

a). Customer-Centricity: The customer is the king of today’s market. The market dynamics are influenced by the buying behavior of customers. It will ensure that customer satisfaction is taken into account every now and then.

b) Mission: ViaCam Solutions Pvt. Ltd. aims to be the giant player in the field of electronic security system manufacturing in U.S.A.

c) Organizational Culture: Culture is the set of uncompromised principles for an organization. In other words, they serve as the guiding principles in business policies and strategic management (BPSM). Healthy competition, compliance of safety standards, transparency, employee engagement, community involvement, rewards and recognition system will be taken care of to the great extent. The company will be an equal opportunity employer giving fair treatment to all regardless of caste, creed or citizenship etc.



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