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Discuss some of the problems about medicines and their prescription and use that are evident in this scenario. Discuss both general principles and specific examples from the scenario. You should comment on any current problems that may be due to Davinda’s medications and/or behaviours and any future problems that may occur.


Case Study 1: Polytherapy & Polypharmacy

From Davinda’s case, incidences of potherapy and polypharmacy are clear. Potherapy uses more than a single mode of therapy. Davinda recently had a medical procedure that resulted in a significant surgical wound, which needs regular dressing and monitoring to eliminate the chance of developing infection, which required administration of more than one medication. Polypharmacy is the term indicates the use of four or more medications by a patient. However, the concerns of polypharmacy is rapidly increasing that include drug interaction, adverse drug reactions, prescribing cascade and so on, which is related with decreased life quality, decreased cognition and mobility. His medications were Valium, antibiotics, and paracetamol.

Valium might have administered to treat his anxiety disorders. Antibiotics, and paracetamol might have prescribed to treat his surgical wound, related pain and fever. Devinda’s surgical wound needs proper monitoring, however, as he stays in a share house, a community health centre arranged a home care nurse 3times per week, which might affect proper monitoring. Also, Davinda had a few drinks with his flatmates, which might have affect his overall health condition. Certain antibiotics have various side-effects like causing dizziness, nausea that could be made worse by alcohol consumption. Such behaviour of Davinda demonstrated lack of patient education. Patient education is significantly important as it enables patients to care for them after releasing from hospitals to maintain a healthy living. Patient education also includes proper scheduling of medication dosages. But, 4 small tablets in an unlabelled cliplock bag was found beside his table, which shows a concern of correct medication administration by Devinda.

This further demonstrate a need of patient education, where the professionals provide necessary information to the patients and their care providers in order to improve patients’ health status and their behaviour.



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