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Write Personal Reflection on your first semester in college.


Induction and integration into DBS program

On induction day, they introduce to us our program and they did ice breaking. There were only few people from our class. We started by introducing ourselves, and spoke about our hobbies, skills, abilities, and other features. During induction, we were introduced to the study environment and culture, and were briefed about the task that was included in the DBS course. We were allowed to speak to different members of the team, which was essential to become comfortable with each other (Clegg and Bradley, 2006 pp. 57-76). The faculty members showed us the study facilities available, told us about the study material and other resources, and at the end showed us the library.

The, library research referencing skills you have acquired

The library had different types of books, for different courses. Books were issued to the students post membership. The library facilities were well-organised and were easy to access. Study resources consisted of journals, study magazines, and other reference books that would help the students in accomplishing their studies.

I understood the relevance of the reference style and methods that were supposed to be used for writing research papers, reports, and essays. We learned the process to apply the APA or American psychological application method for the research. I learned the process to apply the referencing method, along with the rules to in-cite the work. This improved the quality of my internet research work, which was necessary for the course completion. With the help of internet research method, I could collect and analyse different information that were relevant for my course (Ward and Watts, 2009 pp. 4-16).

Essay writing

I learned the basic rules for writing essays on various topics based on my subject. As English was my second language, I still face lots of challenge in understanding the contents that are useful for my study materials. This impacts my confidence in learning different important subjects or topics related to my course. The first test held in the class was on the sociology topic, which was quite challenging for me. My score was only 30 percent, which was the lowest in the class. This affected my esteem, and the negatively impacted the willingness to learn new things in the class (Moon, 2005). I was determined to improve my apprehension on the subject and the language. This would boost my confidence in learning and writing essays on different subjects in English language. For improving my performance, I have prepared a simple personal development plan. This plan includes the steps that can be followed for increasing learning process and evaluates the mistakes. The plan exclusively includes the process to learn English language and the steps that can be followed for writing the essays in the right manner. PDP plan includes a detailed feedback part, which would highlight the areas of concerns that needs to be worked upon. In order to improve my knowledge on English, I have planned to read as many books as possible. This would help me in apprehending the subject and the topics that forms an important part of my course learning process (Haigh, 2008 pp. 57-71). For improving my learning process, I will refer the books from the library. These books would help me to improve my understanding about the subject. This is an important factor, which will assist me increasing the knowledge on the subject.

Your personal academic goals

My personal academic goals have been mentioned in the personal developmental plan. As per the plan, I would indulge into different voluntary works, to improve my command over the English language. I intend to improve my writing skills, which will increase my confidence level, necessary for the completion of the course. In order to increase the learning process, I would prefer to indulge into English speaking. This would improve my understanding about the language and increase my command over essay writing. The subject on sociology is quite a challenge, and it is necessary to understand the subject in the right manner. For increasing my understanding, I have planned to participate in the group discussions, which would be held between the team members. Our team will clearly discuss the challenges faced by each one of the members, while completing the study materials. The objective of our personal team would be to help the members in understanding the challenges involved in the studies, in the right manner. By doing this, we intend to teach each other the relevance of the subject and learn the complicated subjects. I believe in participating in selfassessment process, which would help me to identify my strengths and weakness in learning different topics about the subject. For this, I believe in participant in different tests that will help me to understand the challenges involved with the learning process (Bamber et al., 2009).

Your learning style

The learning style is quite an important factor, which will help in improving the ability to understand the challenges involved with the subject. In class we had followed a detailed questionnaire session, which helped us to improve our understanding on various subjects of our learning materials. My group suggested that my learning style was kinaesthetic, which is something that I don’t agree to. I prefer learning style, wherein I repeat the study contents. This improves my understanding about the subject, and increases my knowledge on the language and subject. With the help of the study technique, I could conduct a self-analysis on the knowledge gained by me for learning different topics about my subject. This method enables me to conduct a detail audit on the knowledge gained by me, while completing the course. I personally prefer auditory method or style, as it helps me to analyse the areas of concerns in the study materials. Based on the facts collected by me about the knowledge, I can implement the changes required for increasing knowledge about the subjects (Burden and Lee, 2006). My learning style will help me to understand the challenges faced while learning different lessons. This will help me in completing my individual study, which is quite important for handling independent research work. Through this method, I would be able to increase my knowledge about the subject and increase the speed of the learning process (Atlay, 2009).

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