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You are required to perform a background analysis, gathering necessary information to produce a ‘management quality’ report which should include the following Develop a Project Charter which includes background analysis, stakeholder analysis, goals and deliverables of the project, critical success factors, and the estimated resources


Background study
Just Storage Company is the largest data storing business in Hong Kong since 2006. Within a span of
six years JSC has over 500 clients and penetrated in all the industries from commercial, industrial,
marketing, hotel, vacation industry, holiday, show biz, IT, import-export to logistics. They have a
dedicated network for storage of record databases and diverse types of applications. The storage is
co-ordinated in the central document management system (DMS) every 24 hours. JSC have the
largest online warehouse information storage capability which none of his competitors have.

Political – these factors control the level to which the government may sway the economy, or some
industries with favourable tax policies, economic policies, yearly budget, and trade tariffs which has
an effect on the professional atmosphere to a great degree. Hong Kong has a low taxation policy, an
almost free harbour trade, and a well recognised intercontinental economic market (Jiang Guorong,

Economic – the performance of an economy affects the long term performance of a company. Factors include economic growth, rate of interest, exchange rates, inflation rate etc.

Social – it measures the social environment in the market like culture, demography, population etc. higher trends in social influences affect claim for a company’s merchandise.

Technological - this factor pertains to innovation of new technology and which affect the operations. It also includes new and improved R&D, automation of activities etc.

SWOT Analysis
1. Knowledge – competitors have knowledge but they lack knowledge in systems, network,
programming and data management.
2. Relationship marketing – knowing and maintaining good relations with customers.
3. History – good background history of loyalty with customers and maintaining good quality

1. Price and volume – prices are less for more volume
2. Brand power – they do not have huge front page advertisement in newspaper, but have
good word of mouth in the market.

1. Training – major companies do not provide training on new technologies. But as the system
becomes complex training is essential.
2. Service – their target market needs more service than competitors.

1. Price oriented store – when the advertisement is about low price, customers are doubtful that
they are not getting good products
2. Computers – volume buying of computers, customers are less likely to buy their services
Porter’s Five Forces

Risk of new access:
1.Not very much expensive to enter this market
2.Understanding needed but there are ample number of resourceful person like Jack Wong, training is also available at the same time.
3.Economies of scale
4.Cost benefit since Jack Wong is in this business for a long time.
5.No tech defence
6.Low obstacles to admission
7.New entrance quite stress-free

Supplier Power:
1.Moderate number of supplier
2.Dealers are large
3.Similar products

Threat of replacement
1.Some cross merchandise switch
2.Capability to import

Buyer power:
1.Huge market of buyers – banks and insurance companies
2.Very large order from buyers
3.Homogeneous product
4.High customer ability

Competitive Rivalry
1.Many opponents
2.Small switching cost
3.Low customer allegiance
4.High expenditures of exiting the market

Stakeholder involvement
Stakeholders are entities and establishments participating in the project, or their concern positively
or negatively affect project implementation or fruitful project conclusion. The project administration
group identifies the patrons, determines their wishes and hopes and manages their expectation for
positive project completion.

Key stakeholders in projects are:
1.Project manager – accountable for supervision of the scheme
2.Customer – any entity or company that uses the produce.
3.Performing association – an association whose staff completes the project
4.Sponsor – any group, company or person who funds the project.

Goals and Deliverables
Deliverables are quantifiable results, consequences, or precise products that are created to
complete the assignment. Deliverables like goals should be measurable. JSC ‘s goals is to improve IT
on a specific day, so to start documenting some of the important deliverables are as follows:
1.Contract with a local network provider
2.Contact with IT specialist to check all printer, switches, Pcs, network, server and coordinate
3.Assist the account representative to with formulating a budget
4.Assist with formulating a project hour
5.Assist with proposal development
6.Conduct internal research
7.Implement high speed network in all the offices of JSC
8.All unnecessary soft wares must be removed from Desktops computer
9.All logins and password must be changed with unique login ids and passwords
10.Data protection soft wares must be installed
11.All applications and soft wares must be updated and keep check records regularly so that there is no discrepancy in data storage
12.Provide training to staff about the nature and confidentiality of maintaining and securing data
13.On-going training must be provided to keep the staff updated
14.Checking of access and log in every day
15.DBS must be centrally operated by IT managers and all the staff won’t have access to master copy

Critical success factor
Communication is the right info to the right individual at the right time and is a critical success
factor. Project managers must possess good communication skills – good verbal and writing skills (
Heldman, 2011). CSF is the strategy employed to achieve success. They include the following:
1.The project’s objectives, deliverables and benefits are defined.
2.A sponsor sustains support and commitment to the project
3.The stakeholders are regularly consulted and keep them updated of the project status
4.A supportive team is created and right skills are utilized
5.A carefully crafted and scheduled plan is framed and updated
6.Everyone must understand the control process for monitoring and tracking
7.The WBS is maintained as per the plan
8.Project sign off and approval procedures are followed
9.Project hazards are reread and supervised
10.Project matters are resolved at the suitable level of administration
11.Reportage and communication processes are recognized and functioning well.
These include the implements, methods, procedures and actions to outline, strategize, implement
and conclude the project on time and on allotted expense outlay (Young, 2007).

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