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Wider view and consider how some of the ideas you  saw on virtual and augmented reality might change the media industry. Will it lead us away from television to watching on line. Will we be able to develop a more knowledge-driven society where we can see and hear and read multiple streams of information.I want to read your thoughts about the future.


Augmented and virtual reality – Giving a new insight of technology and knowledge
Technological advances have always helped in leading a life that is full of information and
knowledge. With time, new and high-tech means are being introduced that are utilized as
required. Industry experts and technical gurus have stated that technology is playing a major role
in development of society as the hemisphere of knowledge is expanding to a new level. Today,
augmented and virtual reality has become the next big thing and the companies involved in
developing this technology are taking new measures so that society can use this facility to the
max for gaining knowledge and information on a completely new level (McKalin, 2014).

What is Augmented and Virtual reality?

When the real life environment and scenarios are simulated through a computer, they turn out to
be augmented and virtual reality. When people use this form of technology, the information that
is being gained from the same is on a much higher scale. In addition to this, one can say that the
knowledge from a picture that is gained is much bigger, making it easy for the users to
understand and intake the flow (Wall, 2016).

Here the technology that is being practiced is depicting the graphics on the senses of the humans
who are using it. For a naïve to understand, it means that the graphics that are designed is more
sensorial than imaginative. This results in a better resemblance with the original and gives results
that are more accurate. Ex: If a French-speaking resident is watching a play in English, then it
might be difficult for him to understand, however, when augmented and virtual reality is taken
into practice, the play can be converted into French and various other languages as well which
will give a better result than the original. Similarly, during a crash, the police can easily depict
the mistake of the faulty driver when augmented and virtual reality is taken into practice (Wall,

Online would be better than watching on television sets

As virtual and augmented reality will be simulated through computer systems, people will
gradually move towards watching all the shows online rather than television sets. Reason, which
has been given by the experts, is that it will be more logical as they will be able to understand the
concepts in a better manner. In addition to this, details can be gained in any way it is desired for
a better understanding of the model (Virtual Reality Consulting. NextGen Interactions LLC,

Driving the society towards being knowledgeable

With development of augmented and virtual reality, the society using the same will be more
knowledgeable. The communication methods would go mobile and it would even be beneficial
for the industries as they would be able to communicate in a better way. When implied in the
way it needs to be working, the people will be able to perform in a better manner as the
interpretations would be better. As of now, only a few basic models are being practiced and
specialists are working towards developing and improving a prototype that would help the
society in walking towards a better and informative road (Virtual Reality Consulting. NextGen
Interactions LLC, 2016).


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