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You need to write a communication briefs , A media release targeting the general public.Please see the requirement and media release style guide down


Media Release - Key infrastructure upgrade supports better health for palm island residents


“Minister for Disability Services, Minister for seniors and Minister Assisting the Premier on North Queensland”

The Honorable Coralee O'Rourke
Tuesday, August 07, 2014 MEDIA RELEASE No: 6
Palm Island’s “sewerage system” is placed for a vital $1.6 million, up gradation, by progressing the services for near about 6,000 inhabitants of the island.

“Minister Assisting the Premier on North Queensland Coralee O’Rourke” had believed that a large amount of required finances will assist the “Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council” by upgrading their ageing sewerage services, and also developing security for neighboring inhabitants.

“Palm Island is going in the course of a huge development in populace and growth with 180 new homes either under construction or in the pipeline,” said by Mrs. O’Rourke. “It would require in matching this development with improved infrastructure along with a sewerage system that is secure and would meet up the continuing requirements of the community. The up gradation would also decrease the possible ecological threats connected with an overloaded as well as the old system,” said by Mrs. O’Rourke.

“Council is suggesting to take on the workings by means of their own workforce, decreasing expenses linked with sub-contractors and maximizing local employment chances,” said by Mrs. O’Rourke.

The sewerage system up gradation consist of the acquirement and setting up of 2 new stainless steel separators, improves to its drying beds, repairs to its irrigation system and installation of a new chlorine gas dosing system.

“The funding is part of the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program, which gives councils the opportunity to apply for funds for important projects in their local communities,” said by Mrs. O’Rourke.

“We are proud to be capable to proffer local governments – mainly in local and isolated communities – this additional support to take on ventures that they would not be capable to finance on their own,” said by Mrs. O’Rourke.

The up gradation towards the “Palm Island Sewerage Treatment system” is prepared achievable all the way through $1.6 million of financial support from the State Government.

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