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You need to think critically about the movie/documentary and to challenge your personal assumptions about families in the United States.Your response must relate to class content, specifically the ways in which identity categories (such as race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, etc.) interact with institutions in the United States to contribute to difference, power, and discrimination amongst families.

Answer :


United States is a developed nation with immense opportunity and prospects; however income inequality and crimes within the country has been growing significantly since 1970 (Moller, 2009). The essay is an analysis of the popular movie documentary Straight Outta Compton, which is an American biographical film. The movie was directed by F. Gary Gray and describes career of a gangster group N.W.A. The movie has received several awards and has earned a good revenue, its songs has topped the charts for a prolonged period of time (Benedict, 2011).

The country has a stable income growth but majority of share of such income has been seen to be benefitted by the higher income class. Due to such disparities in income there exists an organized crime sector within the country. The plot of the story deals with a drug dealer, a disc jockey and rapper. They regularly encounter with police harassment along with certain African Americans.


United States has experienced a steady relation between crime rate and race; crime rates have been mostly prevalent amongst African Americans. The central characters in the movie revolve around Eazy-E, who is a drug dealer, Dr. Dre, who wants to be a disc jockey, Ice Cube, who is a young rapper from Compton in California. They decide to join and run the N.W.A (“Niggaz Wit Attitudes”) with their album. Straight Outta Compton happens to be their debutant album. Whilst they were recording for it they got harassed by police due to their race and color. The entire movie revolves around the concept of discrimination amongst Americans towards black color groups. The group had also been asked by FBI during their stage performance, not to perform.

Statistics reflect that imprisonment amongst blacks is more prevalent than amongst other caste within the country. Some critics of the current prevalent situation argue that lack of control imposed over this group has led to increased crime over a period of time (Moore, 2007). The story revolves around the suffering caused to the central characters from the harassment and pain caused to them by several investigations and criminal charge sheet. Some prose that lack of opportunity for this backward group is responsible for their sufferings and opting for trade and business in the illegal segment. There are also limited rules to curb and control such drug abuse or to diagnose any major illegal activities going around within the country.

The movie has depicted the tremendous switches in careers that African Americans opt for in order to establish themselves (Totilo, 2008). They also lack formal schooling and education which interests them further to join gangs and get attracted by criminal activities. These activities lead to success within a short span of time and do not require many efforts. It has been noted that crimes committed by Whites is lower in number as well as statistics, my major prison data published by countries various prisons.

Crime pattern suggests that there are various crime patterns amongst those committed by these racial backward classes and most can be attributed to their distinctions (Compton, 2009). Conflict and prejudice existing amongst this class is one of the major drivers of various types of crimes and illegal activities. The movie depicts a rapper who had struggled to make his existence and thereafter became successful. This depicts the amount of struggle that individuals belonging to other classes and caste suffer in the US. US is a democratic country that respects and protects freedom of every individual but certain backward classes are financially very weak. Lack of social infrastructure and spending often lures this class to take up illegal activities and to evade the laws (McCann, 2012). Thus, the movie depicts violence arising from race, caste, prerogative and other inequality factors that have led to the rise of crimes and hence formation of the gangster groups, which is very prevalent in US.


Several documentary films have been made in the US depicting similar incidents that take place in the country amongst African-Americas. Government and other social activists or workers needs to take steps to avoid discrimination amongst this class to avoid grave crimes. Discrimination and backwardness among this class has led to series of offenses and police have also been often criticized of being cruel to them. Reports and statistics indicate that though such crimes have decreased in the recent past with newer legislations and laws but inequality amongst various races is yet to be bridged.

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