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1.1 Background

Motivation is defined as the set of values which arouses, directs and maintains human behavior to attain certain goal. Understanding motivation is the process of understanding what instigates the desire to achieve one or the other goal, and once instigated what are the factors that sustain and fuel the desire to pursue that goal despite all kinds of difficulties encountered on the way.

In the current competitive time, each organization wants to excel over the other organization. For the organization does not only need the latest technology, capital investment, and advanced research, but also the human resource. In fact it can be said that human resource is the biggest asset of a company(Abbah, 2014). Therefore it is very important for an organization to focus their attention on this aspect of the resource its management will decide the performance of the employees, thereby deciding the performance of the organization itself. It has also been argued that the relationship between labour management and performance of organization is quite evident in the success of each and every successful organization

The rightly motivated employees can take the organizations to the new level. The competition has been increasing every day and along with that is increasing the need to attract and retain the good employees(Abbah,2014). This is only possible if a good and 9 positive relationship is established and maintained between the employers (Abbah, 2014). The only way to ensure the employees are retained and are able to perform their best is to ensure that they are motivated(Abbah, 2014). The responsibility of ensuring that the work is done in the right way by the employees falls on the shoulder of the managers of the company. For the same, the managers need to ensure that right employees are recruited for the project and those employees are rightly motivated to perform the job well.

A lot of research has been done on the various motivational factors that affect the performance of the employees. This paper is an attempt to understand what are the various motivational factors that influence the performance of the employees and how they impact the performance. This will help in knowing how to maintain the employee morale and will further help in improving the performance of the employees. These factors are also responsible in the acquisition of new talent. Hence the motivation of the employees is the keystone for acquisition and retaining of the talent in an organization.

1.2 Significance of the Study

Research has indicated that the motivated employees contribute more to the success of the project than the less motivated employees (Sundheim 2013). Moreover, motivation of the employees is also affected by the resources available to them. Different employees react in a different manner to same motivation. Most important motivation factor is considered as the compensation for the job, but there are other factors as well which influence the motivation. Thus it is important to understand the factors that influence the performance of the employees.

In order to achieve this,questionnaire has been prepared for the employees, and this questionnaire has been circulated among the employees. The questionnaire tries to understand the employees’ viewpoint regarding the employee viewpoint. The literature review has been used to develop the questionnaire. The brand like KFC is selected because it represents the hospitality industry where the employees are more likely to be in direct contact with the customers (Hossain and Hossain 2012). Also motivation is doubly important in the fast-food chains like KFC because there is a fierce competition. Also the behavior of the employees can make or break the customers’ perception.

There are many kinds of motivational factors. First and foremost is the financial motivation which comes in the form of the compensation, bonuses, performance linked incentive etc (Sundheim 2013). The second kind of motivation is the organizational motivation which involves the recognization of the effort of the individual through awards and promotions. Another form of the motivation is the job satisfaction which comes when employees learn and grow in the job(Abbah,2014).


1.3 Statement of Problems

The statement of the Problem for the project is to critically analyze the key contemporary factors that influence employee motivation in order to achieve better performance.

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