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Write an essay discuss a research topic of interest to you, based in your academic discipline, which you think you could sustain interest in over the next several semesters. Include in your discussion why the topic is interesting to you, how you can incorporate the research into your work (present or future), and what contribution you would like to make to the field of research regarding the topic.



Every individual or human beings have been exposed to some kind of drug in his daily life; the drugs can be any forms the individual takes. But when the drugs are taken on a habitual basic the person becomes a drug abuse or drug addicted. This shows the individual cannot survive without the use of a particular drug. In fact Drugs and substance abuse can be classified as one category and defined as “any drug or any kinds of substances used over period of time that changes the function of our body either physically, mentally, and in social or emotion of an individual can be said that he is a drug abuse individual”.

The daily statistics of drug abuse in United States of America is around 2,500 youth (12 to 17 percent) In United States there are about 15 million people abused of cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin.

Chronic abuse of drug which means the individual becomes a habitual use of licit or illicit drugs to the condition where the person’s health status affects the social and economic functioning or the person has lost his control over self.

The Stages of Addiction to drug has four stages in which the individual gets addicted.

1. Experimental: In this stage the individual the individual takes the drug to the problem or for a particular disease.

2. Regular use: This drugs or any substance can become a regular use when the individual takes the drug on a regular basis.

3. Risky Use/Abuse: The drugs become risky when the individual becomes unaware of the regular use of the drug.

4. Dependence: In this stage the individual becomes totally depend about the drug and hence gets depended on the drug.

Identify the stage which the person is on and providing a treatment or guidance can make the person less risk for chronic abuse

Source: Gerard J. Connors, et.al (2013) “Substance Abuse Treatment and the Stages of Change:

Selecting and Planning Interventions”, (Second Edition), Guilford press publication

Chronic intake of drugs may be related with some kind of mental illness which was identified by American Psychiatric Association (DSM-IV).

Serious mental illness due to chronic abuse of drug can lead to serious mental illness related with bipolar disorder (mood swings),schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, manic problems,anti-social behavior, personality problems.

The need for research in this area of Drug abuse is very important to identify the stage in which the individual is, in today’s statistics report shows a great number of young people are addicted to this drugs. Young people are not aware or they don’t have any knowledge regarding the risk associated with the abuse. Hence analyzing the need and creating awareness among the public youth can prevent them from the risk of drug abuse and create an environment free from abuse. When the problems of drug abuse are controlled various other socio –psychological related problems can be stopped and hence many social crimes can be controlled. Thus the need for research and interest in drug abuse among the youth is important.


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