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Control Systems


In this simulation lab feedback control system controller part is discussed. Integral control is able to take care of steady state error, while derivative control helps in reducing overshoot.

Plagiarism and collusion declaration

This is original work and collusion if any may occur due to use to commonly used technical words used in control system texts.


The purpose of this simulation lab in feedback control lab is to explore plant modeling, closed loop control simulation using SIMULINK, introducing P and PI controller and see performance improvement by observing reduction in overshoot and steady state error.

Noise disturbance rejection is also need to be explored.

Material and methods

SIMULINK model building software of MATLAB is used to simulate the plant model and associated feedback blocks.

Typical Control System Model: A control system is typically defined as shown in Figure no 1

Figure 1 : A typical control system

A typical plant is represented in Laplace domain Can be given using Laplace Domain Transfer Function. Now let us study the plant.

Plant: The given plant transfer functions is given below

Here the plant is cascaded two first order system

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