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Is the Media always being targeting the correct news and showcasing it in correct way? The answer is always uncertain and depends upon case to case. The recent news highlights the 7- Eleven store issues related to wages and compensation. Print media is often seen to be biased and the view points are different assumed by different authors and writers. Media is always been known for highlighting the issue and taking the concern to different level by different media sources. The 7-Eleven store issues is highlighted as the Wage Abuse Scandal. The main source of making profit is linked with underpaying the workers at 7-Eleven stores. (Josie Taylor, Sep 2015).

Wage abuse at store is a concern as employees are being paid less than the standards.(Adele Ferguson, Sep 2015) Media focuses the news by highlighting it to be like slavery for employees as they are being paid less for the more work they do. The FLA workplace code of conduct has a clause stating the compensation to be standard and same for every employee working under same designation. All the legal requirements have to be maintained while paying the workers.(Code of Conduct). The issue with the 7-Eleven stores in Australia is the systematic wage abuse by the company and its franchises who are even exploiting the employees since years. Raids at various stores have confirmed the issue to be true. The role of media lies in highlighting the issues to help the public be aware, so the need is to provide the correct and appropriate information which helps the public and common man to understand the issues. Media has helped in transforming the society and raise people's awareness. Corporate issues like wage abuse needs serious actions so that the issues are resolved well on time. As reported by Josie Taylor in ABC news, 7-Eleven stores are underpaying employees by writing less work hours and making employees more for more hours. Under the fair work act, it is mentioned to comply with the award provisions but the franchise stores are not following legal implications. It is evident that fair work should be checked at times for providing employees with fair pay as well as awards and recognition.

The issues are basically the wage abuse and different news channels are viewing the information highlighting the different concerns. Opinions by different reporters are different and the issues are at times missed due to debate between finding exactly the actual problem. As discussed by FC college on "Media's role in society, it is being said that Media is the main source of information sharing is often used for creating awareness, but at times they mislead the public by displaying incorrect information as they perceive it to be correct. The issue of 7-Eleven stores in Australia has ended up the government and The Fair Work Ombudsman to regularly survey the different stores to help stop wage abuse and illegal work and help the public and common people in getting the standards wages for their work. Fair work should regularly update their information and share with Media to help provide information and create awareness about the corporate issues being faced by the country.

Financial review

The news of 7-Eleven stores stating the biggest case of wage abuse so far in Australia is going out of control as media is covering the news on regular basis with highlighting the causes and suggesting the methods to avoid the problems in future. The case is about the wage fraud where employees are paid less than the standards and often working for more hours than exactly they are paid. (Adele Ferguson, Sep 2015)This is also termed as ethical failure by afr.com as the employees are facing a serious corporate issue. Media has helped in finding the amount of wages being not paid to the concerned employees. The company is planning for independent panel to review all the allegations and if required will review the franchise agreements and take them back if the stores are unhappy franchises.(The Sydney Morning Herald). The media in this case has helped in finding the exact issue and the concerns which should be taken care of, it also highlights the profits company makes by paying less to the employees. Media is considered as the watchdog of the society as it highlights the correct information on time in front of the public. The most important responsibility of the media lies in as at times media plays role of opposition. It helps in changing the society and has helped in forming public opinion. (Kathakali Nandi, 2011).

The report of underpaying staff and falsifying payroll records is serious concern. Media has helped in presenting the concern to the public. The Fair Work Ombudsman do has obligations which are to be followed and are not to be avoided.( Ursula Hogben, 31st August 2015 in BRW.com). Report by Ursula Hogben also highlights the various ways we can use to avoid these concerns. In a way Media has helped in finding relevant solutions to the major issues being faced by corporate companies.

Media is the face of the society. Even the Previous report of Australian Financial review discusses about the stores and their labor force has helped public in understanding the issue. Financial review by Adele Ferguson has helped public in knowing the serious wage abuse, scandals, false payroll records and even franchise profit making done by 7-Eleven stores all around the Australia. There were also same concerns in the US regarding the 7-Eleven stores. Media focuses on all the different angles of the news before presenting it to the public. The figures and stats clearly highlight the wages and the profits being made by the company franchises stores. Different opinions by different reporters and new channels often confuse the public about the exact situation and lead to debate at times. But most of the times media acts as an eye opener, as it helps in general public be aware of the corporate issues employees often face at work. It is highly important for the reporters to work according to the need of the situation. Different reports should consist different pieces of information as the audience varies. Responsibility of Media is to present right information at right time to create awareness.

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