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In order to answer the mentioned  tasks, you will need to undertake further research on ‘The Silver Line’.The Silver Line is a UK charity and Company limited by guarantee. It is a free helpline providing information, advice and friendship for older people.

1.0 Introduction:

The initial segment of the research work is related to the understanding of the corporate governance of the Silver Line Helpline, a 24X7 toll free helpline for the old desolated people. The charitable organization deals with call volume of more than 300,000 callers and the team works in a well-coordinated fashion as per the defined policies and procedures of the organization that constitute the corporate governance. The organizational structure of the Silver Line Helpline is also studied and the same will be revealed in the next segment.

2.0 Internal analysis:

2.1 Corporate Governance of Silver Line: Corporate governance can be defined as the formal system of policies, rules, regulations and practices undertaken by an organization to manage, control and direct the organization. It is a part of the top managerial functions. The main objective of corporate governance is to ensure protection of the interests of the stakeholders through ethical decision making & actions. Corporate governance can also be viewed as the set of mechanisms, processes and relations through which an organization is directed and controlled. Thus, in a nutshell, corporate governance is the system for governing an organization.

Corporate Governance of the charitable helpline of Silver line is the majority decisions taken by the trustee members and the board members according to the suggestion and guidelines of the founder of the organization, Esther Rantzen. Delias et al. (2015) mentioned that corporate Governance is the set of defined rules and guidelines that pave the way for operations and execution of different goals for the society and the organization also. The corporate governance is declared and published in the Annual report of an organization and Silver line also follows the same process. The policies are defined and the corporate governance for the volunteers, beneficiaries, the staffs and other stake holders are defined and displayed at the Silver Line. The operation, finance collection, sponsor management, dealing with investors, managing the financial records and arranging for organizational audits are allotted to different committees and sub-committees under the same.

Emily Wilcox (2014) suggested that the clarity in operation and the transparency in the financial transactions are the main pillars to success and strengthens an organization in the long run. The sustainability of the charitable organization is significant and the same will be helpful for the society as well. The finance committee deals with the rolling of funds, planning the budget, controlling the finance and arranging the strategies for fund collection headed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The Audit committees arrange for the internal audit and keep the records ready for the external audit. The corporate governance is so defined that the volunteers and the trained staffs are guided by the same through out the operations. The efficient dealing of the team to handle over ten thousand calls a week is efficiently guided by the policies which ensure empathetic and specifically significant information and advice from the staffs who form the face of Silver Line Helpline.

2.2 Mission of Silver Line Helpline: A mission statement is an official statement stating the reason for the organization to exist. The main difference between mission and vision statements is that the former is present oriented whereas the later one is future oriented. The Silver line Helpline aims to protect the interest of the old people who are unwell physically and tormented psychologically be loneliness and despair making the remaining days of the life even more miserable. The organization aims to reach as many such needy people and spread through the niche and corners of the UK.

2.3 Vision of Silver Line Helpline: Vision statement of any organization refers to the formal declaration of its long-term objectives that serves a guide towards the development of business strategies & decisions. Thus, it indicates the purpose of the organization. The vision of the Silver Line Helpline is to reach the peak of popularity among the old people and consequently to the remaining part of the society of the whole UK. The vision is appreciable and noble considering the charitable aim of organization.

2.4 Stakeholders of the Silver Line Helpline: Stakeholder can be defined as any independent individual or party who can influence or can be influenced by the policies, decisions and actions of an organization. Thus, stakeholders have both interest and power in the organizational affairs. However, such interest and power might vary among the stakeholders. Here, it is important to note that stakeholders can be classified into internal and external stakeholders. In present context, the main stakeholders for Silver Line are investors, old people, volunteers, government and suppliers. The Silver Line Helpline like any other organization has several stakeholders. The operational success of the silver line is much dependant on the coordination among the stakeholders, who are the set of people who have every interest in the operational ups and downs of Silver Line.

The stakeholders associated with Silver Line can be enlisted as below:

2.5 The Organizational Structure of the Silver Line: An organizational structure is a form way of allocating various activities among the available workforce. The type of organizational structure indicates the way in which various activities are segregated, allocated, reported, coordinated and managed in the organization. In this context, Awasthy (2015) mentioned that organizational structure is a hierarchical arrangement of communications, accountability, line of authority and rights & duties of the organization. In other words, organizational structure determines the way in which power, responsibilities and roles are assigned coordinated and controlled in an organization. Here, organizational structure can be classified into three major categories as functional, divisional and matrix structures.

Functional structure involves grouping of tasks on the basis of activities. Van Puyvelde et al. (2016) stated that divisional structure is concerned with segregating tasks based on divisions and this model is suitable for large scale organizations. Matrix organizational structure is a combination of functional and divisional structures. In current scenario, the organizational structure of Silver Line can be viewed as a functional organizational structure. This is mainly because of the fact that the activities are grouped according to key functions. In addition, this organizational structure is also appropriate for Silver Line because of its limited scale of operations at present. The organization also benefits from the degree of specialization that can be obtained from functional organizational structure. At present, around 3000 volunteers are working for Silver Line. The entire operations is headed by the Chief executive officer of Silver Line. The volunteers working under various departments reports to each departmental heads who in turn reports to the chief operating officer. The main categories in which daily activities are segregated and allocated are finance, marketing, human resource, operations, customer care service and information technology. Segregation of activities into the above mentioned functions ensure that the same are performed by staffs who are specialists in these sectors.

3.0 Environmental analysis:

This part of the study deals with the viability study of the expansion mission of the Silver Line Helpline into the home care sector. The strategic tool will be applied and the study report will be analyzed. The researcher will study the scope for improvement from the PEST and suggest the practical solutions for the same for enhancing the practical feasibility of the organizational objective of Silver Line.

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